The Unknowns

January 31, 2009

The Unknowns
It was a typical day catching members of the army of Evil. Knock-knock! I looked up. Who would be up at this hour? Nick rushed in. Sorry I interrupted, but someone is outside in the ally. She has powers. 'What?!'
I asked, outraged .Well go get her! He ran out of the room.' Kids,' I said as I slumped down in my chair. My son, Christopher, appeared in my office. I was mad! 'What do you think your doing?! I asked. 'Ah Mom, I didn't want to walk. Anyway I needed t show you this.' He pulled out his mcs {Mobile Computing system}. So you know what kind of power she has?
Yep! Look. 'Nice,' I remarked sarcastically. She only has water power?
I was about to explode! He got in trouble to show me a girl who only has water power? Well, go to the testing room. In a second he was gone. He knew not to use his teleportation devise. Well whatever, I was too tired to scold him. I went to get some lemonade. I opened my hand and a few ice cubes popped out. Not so bad having ice power. I had been young; about 15 when I found out I had powers. For a while I thought I was a freak. Nick popped in; you could tell he was worried. 'What is it?' I asked'You might want to see this'. Well maybe she wasn't that bad. It looked like a tsunami came through the H.Q. All the computers were soaked! Then I looked at her. She was only 11 years old!!!

She looked at me; sorry. 'It's alright' I replied, still speechless. Not knowing what to do, I ran into my office. Oh, oh, oh my! Nick came back into the office. How?! 'How but?' I thought. 'I don't know, but she is good.' Nick said, as if he could read my mind. Maybe she would make a good sidekick. No! I don't do side kicks or partners or anything! Ever since he came he's always thought we were super hero's, but were just doing our job. Well whatever you call it she looks so innocent, the army would never suspect a thing! I thought for a second. It might no be that bad. Alright bring her in. What have I gotten my self into? That's how it began. The Unknowns.

Five Years Later'

'This ought to finish you off', yelled Emily. A huge ball of water formed in her hand. The second the water touched a member of the army, I threw a ball of ice. 'They look so pretty when they are frozen', I remarked, smiling. I can't believe I was going to throw Emily out, but the past was the past. I had lost all sense of time, so when I got home, everyone was asleep. I made a TV dinner, ate it and then went to bed. I had a horrible dream. I dreamt that Emily was taken away from me. I woke up and my husband was sitting up looking at me. 'Are you all right', he asked as he got me a glass of water. 'Yeah, I'm fine', I replied. After I got a drink, I looked at the clock. It was 5:00AM. 'Well, I guess I should get up for training', I thought. Emily was like a daughter to me. She had run away from home and came into the alley when someone came out of the shadows. They tried to mug her. She was mad, that's the only reason that she was alive because when she gets mad, her powers work. We've been training so now she has mastered her powers so that she can use them whenever she wants.

I walked into the training building and Emily was there. 'What are you doing', I asked. She ignored me. 'Emily, honey, come on' I said. She walked towards me. I was curious why she was in the training arena so early because she never gets up when I call her. I decided not to ask' she needs her space. When she walked past me, I noticed her eyes were rolled backwards! I screamed' I had never seen anything like this. I ran and grabbed her shoulders and shook them violently. She just stood there, limp as a rag doll. I screamed as I shook her. I was scared that she would not snap out of it. Finally, some people came into the room and restrained me. 'No', I yelled, 'No 'No 'No'. They finally calmed me down. I asked, 'What's wrong with her?' They said they didn't know. I figured it was the Army of the Evil but I couldn't say and I was supposed to have destroyed them a long time ago.

Emily immediately was rushed to the hospital. I began to feel weak and the medic said I should go lay down' but I just couldn't leave Emily. So I rushed, frantically shaking, behind the gurney. I wanted to follow them into the E.R. but I had to stay outside. Of course, this was all over the news, so my family rushed over. As soon as they arrive I built an ice wall around the E.R. That held the reporters out. I began to recall the dream I'd had. I has the same feeling as my dream. Now I was scared and sobbing, curled up in the waiting room on the couch, when the medics came out shaking their heads. 'Nooooooo', I screamed, 'no' no' no'. Emily was gone forever. I yelled, 'Mark my words' whoever did this is going to die.'

Three Years Later'

'Where is the Army,' I asked. 'I don't know', the captive replied, weakly. 'Yes you do,' I said as I tightened my grip around his neck. 'Alright, they are at 49th and Broadway', said the captive as I dropped him and teleported to the address. It has been a while since Emily died. I'm still out looking for the Army of the Evil. I got to the address pretty quickly. I was fast enough to slip into the Army of the Evil's portal. I was speechless. It lead to a testing lab. I saw helpless citizens tied up and being stuck with needles. I winched. I hate needles. Then I spotted Emily' 'Oh my', I silently yelled. I realized that it wasn't her when someone stuck their hand through her. On, just a hologram' I almost blew it. Then I found what I was looking for. Their not-so-secret weapon. It makes people do whatever they are told to do. I grabbed it and took a run for it. As I ran, I hit a button on the device. They spotted me but I got away by the skin of my teeth. I decided to go by hyper-car rather than by teleport because it wouldn't lead them to the HQ as easily.

When I got there, I put the weapon into the weapons case and went into my office. I pulled the cord from my phone, turned off my pager and blocked the portal into my office. I also pulled the blinds and turned off the lights. Since Emily's death, I haven't been getting a lot of sleep. So, when I go to sleep, I go to sleep for a long time. I guess I was asleep for about a day. Apparently, something was going on because I could hear people scream from inside my soundproof office. People screaming?? I ran outside to see everyone running away from something. I caught someone by the sleeve, 'What's going on?', I asked. 'She's back,' he shrieked. 'Who?' I asked. But he had already gone. I looked up to see no one but Emily. EMILY!! 'You are alive', I yelled. My eyes couldn't believe what they saw. 'Yes, but why is everyone running away from me?' she asked. 'Because, you are supposed to be dead', I said. 'Me' dead? - Never, - I remember that someone was behind me and hit me on the head' she said. 'Then what?' I asked, wanting to know yet not wanting to know. 'Well, they did what they would do with any captive', she said. I was glad that she didn't put any details in. 'And now I'm here and that's all that matters', she said. We hugged again. 'Well' how come the Doctor's came out shaking their heads?' I asked. 'Doctors? What Doctors?, she asked, puzzled. 'Oh, you must mean, the Doctors of the Army of the Evil who cloned me the night before you saw the clone in the training arena?' she said, 'They came out shaking their heads to make you think that I had died'. 'That's all I can listen to,' I said, 'I'll be back'. 'Where are you going?' she asked. 'I'm going to fight' and eliminate the Army of the Evil', I declared. 'Well, I'm coming with you', she said with a tone of voice that means the conversation is over. 'Well, If you are coming, you had better get suited up', I said. 'Why', she asked. 'Because, we are going into hyperspace', I replied. 'In that case, I'll meet you at the portal', she said. I was hesitant to let her go on her own but I had to because I know she was here to stay. So, I got suited up and went to the portal. Like always, I got slow-poked by her. I was too happy to get mad at her. She was alive' the thought kept going through my head. First, I was depressed and now I was as happy as a 16 year old getting my first hyper-car. We got to the Army of the Evil Headquarters in three seconds. We quietly slipped out of the portal and began to snoop. Finally, I found a mind control device, a make-you-think-you-are-dead device and an aha, the cloning device. 'I got it', I yelled. 'Oh my gosh'' I covered by mouth but it was too late. All of the sirens went off and security came rushing out' the whole nine yards. I grabbed Emily's arm and took off. We were just about to the portal when BAM!!... I was out like a light. I tried to grab Emily's arm as I went down, but it was too late. They had her again.

I woke up on a cold hard table. A light was shining down on me. I could barely make out a silhouette of a few people. I wondered where Emily was. 'Emily', I screamed' but no one could hear me except the doctors. The doctor looked at me. I wiggled but I was belted down. A few hours passed. They came in and out' sometimes taking blood samples. They were treating me like another species. I just laid there' wondering what they were doing with Emily.

Finally, I fell into a not-so-sound sleep. Then again, I had that horrible dream. This time, when I woke up, I was in a different room. 'EWILY', I tried to yell, but I was bound and gagged. She looked at me, her eyes red from crying. Our eyes locked together, in that wonderful moment. Finally, someone came through the door. He had a solemn face. 'UP', he barked gruffly. I tried to stand up, but instead I just fell over. He grabbed me with his left hand and Emily with his right. He dragged us into the hall. Then he stuck sacks over our heads so that we could not see where we were going. He then, I think, put us into a van. We drove a long time before we stopped. He didn't take the sacks off until we were inside. I thought we might be able to get away with our powers. Bad idea. I was tazered down. Now I've done it. They tied me to a table and put some things on my fingers. A shock went through my whole body. Then they untied me. I was free' 'Come on Emily', I yelled'. 'NO, it's a tra'.' I got ready to fly away. Jump' splatttt. 'I can't fly', I sobbed. Then they said, 'if you want to leave with that kid with you' then you have to lose your powers'. I pondered over the question. 'O.K, let me just untie Emily.'
They didn't see the trick! Emily was right beside the pole with my powers on it . When I bent down to untie Emily I whispered, 'When I tug this rope, pretend to fall over and grab the powers, give it to me, and fly away before anything can happen'. I tugged the rope and it was on. Emily go the powers, I drank it and boom'. We were gone. On the way back to HQ we both sobbed. 'How long have we been gone', was on one of the questions we asked ourselves? When we finally go to HQ, the medics came rushing out. This time I did not resist treatment. They put something into my arm and I was in dream land.

When I woke up, Matthew, Christopher and Emily were at my side. 'Huh', I asked, trying to get up. 'Sorry hon', said Matthew. 'Are you ok Emily,' I asked. 'Yeah, I'm fine,' she replied. A few weeks later I was out of the hospital. I was my way back to HQ when Emily came to my side. 'What's up', she asked? 'Nothing' I'm just going to defeat the Army of the Evil' once and for all,' I said. 'Don't', she shouted. I stopped in my tracks. She had never been upset with me before. 'What is it' I asked, trying to calm her down. 'You are selfish' she said. 'What' I asked angrily? 'Yeah, you are always on missions' you don't think about your family' she shouted! 'Of course that's all I ever think about' I yelled. 'Well', she said, calming down. 'Oh, I'm so sorry,' she sobbed, running into my arms. 'It's just what the Army of the Evil did that leaves a scar.' 'Let's just go and destroy the Army of the Evil once and for all', I said. We were getting ready to go in our hypercar when someone ran up behind be and grabbed me. 'Help' help me',

To be continued'''

The author's comments:
This was my first si-fi story I've ever wrote so I'm proud of it.

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