Beginning of a new day

January 20, 2009
By Paige Foster, Macon, IL

There was a guy named john. He had some major problems! He was a very dark person. Kind of trashy. He had lost everything in his possession. He was out there. He was a heroine addict. If only you will see what he’s going through.

It was bad; he had no friends, no anything. Dark bags under his eyes. Messed up hair. No, he didn’t care; all he needed was his needles and a spoon. His addiction had gotten so bad. It started out as something simple….smaller drugs “just going to try this once.” Now he can’t get the serenge out of his bloodied and bruised arm. An addiction to where he doesn’t care …all he needs is to be high. He realizes it sometimes to where he knows it can’t get any worse. But what is there to lose. Ya know? His friends are gone and so is his family. They gave up on him. They don’t care. He lives and breaths for heroine. Push the needle up, down, up, down to where it mixes; life is part of being a human. He only has one thing to live for.

Two months later

She came into his life, and wont leave. Her name is Sarah. Cute girl, blonde hair, green eyes, green as in the toxication of a flame. Smile so big and straight. Really skinny. She was getting into heroine. She has been with him for a month and a half now. He would disappear into the bathroom for a few hours to crawl into a corner and trip from the high once more. She was scared for his life and hers. She knew something had to be done.

She waited on the couch for hours on end. Just waiting for him to get up off the cold, forsaken, ripped up floor that he had been passed out on for quite some time now. As she sat there, she thought and though about how he’s going to take it. How is he going to respond? Will he hurt me? Will he stay with me? Their money was gone. There was no food in that apartment. Not even a single dish to be dirtied by the food that was supposed to be in the cabinet. No water running, their money was gone… all spent on drugs. What else was there to do?

He walked out of the bathroom. Stumbling, trying to get off the high. She looked at him with a look of sympathy but at the same time with a look of concern. Missing him by a second of her eye, she knew what she needed to say to him. As she was staring at the blood dripping from his arm. He looked back. The aggression in his eyes showed he had nothing good to say. She looked up at his baggy eyes that were sunk into his head like a worm in a hole. He coughed the “oh so deadly cough” and said,” What are you staring at?” As the tears came to the surface of her flaming green eyes she replied,” Umm… John I think you need help…” He stared at her as his face became distorted with anger. Twisting to every angle. He started yelling, screaming, losing total control of the soul he had inside. The soul that loved her so deeply. He knew she had stuck this out for a while. His soul that knew she was the only one there for him. As he snapped back to reality. She was bawling. Her flame green eyes turned to ice blue. And he realized how she was trying to help him. That’s all! His chest unwound to the sound of her hurting heart. He gave up and stumbled his way to the couch and held her. Held her so tight to where he could feel her heart beating in his arms. She slowly calmed down and they decided to settle it.
She said,” it’ll be best. We have nothing John. No money, no job, no food, no car… how bad will this get?”
“It’ll get better, I promise! I will go till I get better,” He replies.
Two weeks later

He has been in Rehab for a week now. Not just some little group that gets together every Thursday night. No… he feels like he is stuck in a white box. Running in a four cornered circle. Can’t get anywhere. He’s going crazy on his own. No heroine, no Sarah, no anything! As he picks the scabs on his arms from where the serenge has been stuck at for so long. The bruises are starting to go away. But the scars aren’t. All he knows is he needs it, HE NEEDS THE HEROINE! A few weeks go by , it’s getting worse… he’s sitting in the bathroom in the fetal position, cradling back and forth, having numbers run though his head for no reason at all. His eyes are rolling to the back of his eyelids as he falls deep into the sleep that he has needed for so long. *BANG* He wakes up to the guy with no name, and now he has the bandages on his wrists from where he bled out the pain. Slamming the stall door. He walks out of the bathroom with the silent words that were never spoken.
John gets up clinching his forearm with a deathly grip. Knowing what he needs. He strives for the heroine just as a child does for attention. He is walking down the hallway with glazed over eyes, almost losing it walking to the cafeteria. As he sits at dinner staring at his spoon, which was once his friend, which has now became the enemy. He hates it here. It’s for the best to get him better and to bring back Sarah once again. He looks around the room with so many tables full of people that have problems just like him, but then so different. Different problems, different answers, but all going through the same trauma. Trying to make it through life. He lies on his cot that is hard as rocks. Staring up at the blank ceiling, staring at the fan spinning in circles. Thinking of how life used to be before the heroine became his life. He remembers his family and friends. They’re his only things to remember. He doesn’t remember the wonderful times he had with them. He just sees their tainted faces. He feels that they are kind of blurry. It has been such a long time.

The morning comes as he wakes up to the same stuff. The need is wearing off little by little, day by day. He’s feeling better. No more scabs, no more bruises. Just John seeing himself just like he did before those days started. No more baggy eyes or messy hair. He will love himself once more and love Sarah ten times more than he ever did! He felt it in his warm pumping heart that used to be as cold as ice and beat to the sound of the tapping of his finger on the needle. He felt great about this; he knew he was going to get out soon!
2 Days Later

HE’S OUT! YES! Where is she? The one that’s my love, my world, my life. Someone steps out of a 1996 Cadillac. Moving so elegantly. It’s her… Sarah. The love of his life! She jumps on him eeking away at his eardrums kissing him all over his face realizing he was better now. They took off towards their new apartment; with her group of friends waiting to yell Congrats John! A whole new life and a whole new beginning.

The author's comments:
A lot of people i've known in my life helped me along with this story. I've sat back and watched my friend throughout the years go from their ups to downs. They ended up okay but they left me with their secrets forever. I love you guys always!

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