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January 26, 2009
By , Roxbury, NJ
As I walked down the long hallway, gazing at all the kids that had on new clothes, new shoes, new backpacks, new everything, I thought about my summer. I suppose every kid does that, but it was really hard for me. THat was because over the summer, my family fell apart.

Two weeks after summer vacation, things started blurring together in one haze that no matter how hard I try I can't forget. My parents, sitting down and saying that my mom was pregnant. Two months after that, same scene with a different script, "We are getting a divorce." Me, crying in my room and wondering how my seemingly perfect family could just fall apart, how my parents could fall, in their words, "out of love". What my friends would think when they heard.

Fast forward to mid-July, a month after I found out that my parents were getting divorced: my grandpa died. My grandpa, who was always there, from when I turned up in the middle of the night because I couldn't take my parents fighting to when I needed money to go to the mall. He was in a car accident and got hit by a drunk driver. The worst part was, I was in the car when it happended. I walked away from the crash with scratches and a broken arm, while he was comatose, then dead.

To say the least, my summer was hell. As I looked around the hall again, and people waved and said hi and hugged eachother after being apart for two and a half months, I thought about how it was now. The divorce had happened. My dad had a girlfriend already, who i actually liked. I was still close to all my friends who I thought would ignore me after my pregnant mom got a divorce. I was no longer going to be an only sibling. And while my grandpa was gone, I know he is watching me. So it's for him that I am going to march down the hall with confidence, and have a, if not perfect, fun school year.

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