Let Faith Be Thy Staff

January 25, 2009
By Nitika Verma, Hissar, ZZ

The little girl sat on the beach, tears glistening on her cheeks and a shadow of extreme pain in her eyes.
She was thinking about her parents who had died in the terrorist attack a few days back. She had no relative
or friend of any sort in this world. Her dreams of flying higher and higher in the sky were all shattered.

Suddenly, she felt the presence of someone in her vicinity and turned around as a man with a calm voice
spoke” Heart’s dearest, why are you crying?” It was the voice of her esteemed professor, Mr. Bhaer of
her old school. She ran towards him and hugged him tightly. He was a tender hearted and good natured man
who had a liking for his little pupil, Tina March ever since she was small an in his school.
He used to help her in her lessons and play along with her as if she was his own child. Few days back
when he heard about Tina’s parents, he was in distress about her. So, he went to look for her and after
searching for her the whole day, he found her near the shore crying her heart out.

He encouraged the sad girl with gentle and caring words saying “Life and death are like the two sides of a coin
and we have to go ahead with life crossing all trials and tribulations of life with courage and faith in
The Almighty God1 What looks like the end of the road is more often just a bend in the road.”

These inspiring words rekindled her spirit and awakened her dreams. He professor took her to his home
where he gave her everything of her need.

A few weeks later, the professor asked Tina “Why don’t you write again? It always used to make you happy.”

“I’ve no heart to write and nobody cares for my things.”

“I do, so write something for me, dear and I’m sure it would do you good.”
So, Tina got out to her desk and began to write a poem with an absorbed expression. When she showed it to
the professor, he cried over it and sent it to one of the popular magazines.
To her surprise, it was a great success.

So, Tina began to write poems, short stories and then went on to write novels, plays, romances and lots more.
Few years later, she won the most prestigious award that a writer could win for her book
titled “My Beloved Parents”.

With all the media attention and swarming herds of heartfelt congratulations, Tina’s life would never be the same. It wasn’t just because she wrote novels and books.
It wasn’t because she had just won the award.
It was simply because Tina March was blind.

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