January 24, 2009
By krista zelaya, Riverview, FL

The chill of the ice was so cold; it felt like molten fire against my sensitized skin. Mixed sensations of hot and cold pulsated through my mind, creating an ache so strong, my knees buckled beneath the dead weight of my body. My knee caps hit the cold ground with a sickening CRACK! sending spasms of pain through my thighs. Black spider webs danced before my eyes in a dim haze as bright lights flickered wildly, once, twice; three times before a heated hand landed heavily on my shoulder. Agony burst from my aching muscles as a piercing screech tore from my raw throat. My dry lips cracked painfully along its seams, trying to let more sound pass through them, to let more oxygen flow.

Yet no sound emerged. No air seemed to flow to my desperate lungs as I collapsed onto my back onto the snow covered ground. The low beat of helicopters blades could just be heard over the blood rushing through my numb ears. The feeling in my blue finger tips began to fade rapidly as I sank further into the snow. I could feel the frantic beat of my heart as it tried to pump blood to my numb limbs. It was a vain attempt. I could feel my most vital organ shudder as it tried harder still. I closed my frosted lids and listened closely as it began to slow its galloping pace. I couldn’t feel the fierce wind on my cheek. Nor the lone tear that escaped from between my entwined lashes. The muscles in my cheeks twitched as a sad smile formed across my lips. So cold; was the last coherent thought I had before my heart shuddered one last time.
“We lost her pulse!”
“Get me the defibrillator STAT!” Seconds ticked by as the doctors readied the machine quickly.
“Ok, your ready to go in…Three, Two, One-¬¬¬¬¬“
Bolts of electricity stung her chest like a thousand nettles.
Again, acute streams of electricity, aimed for her heart, stung her, leaving a burning sensation in its wake.
“We got a pulse, but it’s weak.”
My heart gave a shudder as more bolts of electricity pleaded with it to beat once again. Painful seconds past as again and again they raised the voltage of the electricity until my heart beat ferociously in my chest. Gasping for air like a newborn, I could hear the medics rushing about, trying to put me atop a gurney. I forced my eyelids open and saw dark silhouettes looming above me, speaking in calming tones. Blood began to seep back into my veins, flowing through my icy limbs once more.

Time seemed to all but stand still as they loaded me into the vibrating helicopter. Thermal blankets were pilled on me, creating a cocoon of warmth around me. The adrenaline rush from the horrors of my fall was seeping out of my pores with amazing speed; leaving me lethargic. My eyelids, heavy with exhaustion, fell close slowly. A gentle prodding to my arm forced me to turn away from the call of sleep.
“What’s your name…?” The words seemed to be spoken slowly to me, but still audible. I looked towards the speakers face. Covered in shadow, all I could see was his piercing green eyes.
“…Avery…Avery Johns.” My words came out slurred as my senses dulled and I succumbed to the overwhelming exhaustion that pulled at me until I was no longer conscious.

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