The Patient

January 23, 2009
By Kvothe BRONZE, Sparta, Tennessee
Kvothe BRONZE, Sparta, Tennessee
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It's better to be thought an idiot then open your mouth and prove it.

-Unknown to me

"Doctor what are you doing?" asked the patient strapped to a bed. "Just giving you your medication." the doctor said flicking a syringe. "Just be calm and this will be over in a secind." the doctor said comforting the patient. "I don't want your medicine. I'm not crazy." said the patient. "Okay, whatever." laughed the doctor cleaning what was to be the injection sight.

"I'm not crazy." almost yelled the patient. "Shut up!" yelled the doctor. "Ready?" asked the doctor. "No!" yelled the patient as twisted and turned on the bed trying to get away. "Stop it!" ordered the doctor. "No, don't" yelled the patient as everything went black.

A couple hours later the patient woke up in his cell. He felt the same, but light-headed. "Stuck in my cell again." said the patient walking aroung the cell. "Good thing they never check the ceiling." laughed the patient as he pushed the ceiking tile back and pulled out the lock pick he made weeks ago.

"Now to see my daughter." the patient said determined. Then, he picked the lock. "Now to get past the guard at the end of the hall." the patient said to himself. "Hey!" yelled the guard as he turned the corner. "Crap." said the patient as the guard walked toward him. "Get in your cell before I make you, don't make me turn off that camera." said the guard pointing at the camera. "No one will question me if I do." the guard threatened. "Go ahead, turn it off." said the patient inthe guard's face. "You are crazy." laughed the guard as he pulled out a remote device and pressed a button. The patient noticed a red light go off.

"Don't say I didn't warn you." laughed the guard as he pulled out his night club. Then the patient grabbed the guard's night stick from the guard. "Ha, like you said 'no questions asked'." said the patient as he hit the guard in the head. "Wow this night stick might come in handy." said the patient sticking in his waistband.

"Oh no." said the patient as he turned the corner and saw three huge guards waiting there. "In guess Ronny couldn't hold you." laughed the biggest one as he ran toward the patient with the other two guards right behind him.

Then, clash, bang. the three guards had knots on their heads. "Well there's my exit." the patient said exceedingly happy. "Good thing I was at the front of the building." laughed the patient running for the exit. "Stop!" he heard a fimiliar voice yell at him. "No!" he yelled back at the doctor. "Security, all you got." yelled the doctor in an intercom. In moments an alarm rang through the hospital.

The patient knew he had little time to get away. "Thank God." he yelled as he saw a truck still parked in the garage. "Keys still in the ignition. Sweet." yelled the patient as he sped off down the road.

"Sir, he's in a car." said a security guard into a walkie-talkie as he watched it fade across the horizon. "Crap." yelled a voice on the radio. "Can you catch him?" the voice asked. "Too late, sir." said the guard disappointed. "All right call the police and let him handle it." yelled the voice. "Yes sir." said the guard pulling out a cell phone.

"Where's St. Matthews hospital? How can I go looking like this? It's my daughter and I have to see her." said the patient to himself. While the patient was driving an undercover cop pulled up beside him and flashed it's lights. "No!" yelled the patient at himself. How could I be so stupid he thought. Run from an insane asylum and expect to get away without a problem. He pulled over seeing it was over.

"Sir, get out of the car." ordered the cop. "Sir, I need to see my daughter." pleaded the patient. "What?" asked the officer. "You mean you ecscaped an asylum to see your daughter?" asked the officer. "Yes sir, she has lung cancer." cried the patient. "And may die right now without me saying good bye." sobbed the patient.

"Come on get in my car. The law's the law." said the officer as the patient started to get out. The patient got in the back seat and the officer in the front seat. "Where is your daughter?" asked the officer. "St. Matthews." said the patient. "Can't believe I'm about to do this." said the cop as he sped off toward St. Matthews. "What are you doing?" asked the patient. "You want to see your daughter, right?" asked the officer. "Sit back, but only for a moment. We'll be there in no time." said the officer.

They arrive at the hospital in no time at all. The patient cried and cried at his daughter's death bed. "Daddy?" he heard a little voice. "Yes, what do you want, baby." sadi the patient. "I love you." she said and five hours later that little girl flat-lined. Then, the patient heard a voice say, "Jacob." He turned to see hios wife looking at him. Then, they both cried for each other and their daughter.

The rest you make up.

The author's comments:
This is a sad, but great story. I hope yall (excuse my country) enjoyed it.

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