January 18, 2009
By Caroline and Lorraine Walker, Greenville, SC

He is falling though the frigid air after grabbing a parachute from the exploding plane. His feelings were numbed by the pain inside, as the plane exploded above him along with his friends. Lucas Banks kept telling himself his friends were in a better place now just to keep himself together. "Was that a ripping sound?" as the thought crossed his mind he looked up. To his horror he saw a gapping hole. He was falling quicker than he ever thought possible. Then came the trees. Snap, crack, pop, was the last thing he remembered as he woke up dazed. He rolled over in the crunching leaves as relized the intense pain in his leg. It was dark, he was so disoriented. He tried to remember what to do in a situation like this, but right now his head was swimming and he decided that if something hadn't got him already there was a chance nothing would.

The author's comments:
We are twin sisters and wrote this story together. We love adventure stories and movies.We hope people enjoy this one.

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