Monkage Man

January 30, 2009
By Elijah Ferguson BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
Elijah Ferguson BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
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Elijah Ferguson


Monkage Man

Who is Monkage Man? He is just a figment of my my imagination. I guess he is my hero. Everyone needs a hero...

They were coming to do it again. Me and my two friends were just walking around having no specific destination. Then 'they' walked up to us. Im not one you want to pick on directly but if 'they' devistate my friends in front of me they know I wont do anything. I thinkI need to tell you who they are... I guess you could call them my arch-nemesis, guys that pick on the weak. I dont like the term 'bullies' it makes me feel insignifecent. I guess thats what they are...

' sup, freaks' Jack pushed my friend ' I thought you had a hacker meeting.' jack spit out to my friend on the right.

Dustin wasn't a hacker, just a kid that played video games more than any kid should.

Jake took a short break from Dustin and moved to Robert.

I was crushed inside, my thoughts were flooding out anything Robert or Jack and his crew were saying. Why are you so weak? I thought. your friends are being destroyed and your not doing anything. what are you talking about, they should be able to defend themselves. I'd have to be a super hero to stop these guys from hurting everybody to the point where they'd rather get homeschooled.

' well, I hope you guys can get a life within the next few days' Jack walked away. I was to late to help them. The damage has been done.

I was doing homework by my room's window and I see Jack and his friends vandalizing a house with spray paint, toilet paper and eggs.

I was thinking As a super hero watches over his city from the top of the building, he spots a gang of Outlaws terrorising the city. He jumps off the top of the 10 story building and lands with a fist on the ground. He stops them with his time stopping powers. He takes them to the nearest police station, makes it so things can move again without the power of time. He explains to the police how these criminals were terrorising the city and he locks them up behind bars... He was the Mighty Monkage Man.

I guess I was so spaced out that I let them get away again...

Today I the mighty Monkage Man would get them back. We were in wrestling and I saw Jack's casual shoes on the floor. This was going great. I took a gecko out of my jacket pocket and place it in his left shoe and carried on with practice.

When practice was over he put his foot in the shoe and screamed a girl's scream. Everyone staired at him. Out of nowhere he slapped the guy nearest him on the face.

'bad dog,' Jack laughed.

As Monkage Man walked down an ally way he saw someone mugging another human being. Monkage Man grabbed the guys sleave and through him as far as he could making him someone elses problem in China. Of course Monkage Man had a good heart and he broke his fall with a force field, but he also was a prankster. He pantsed him with his mind powers, chuckled and walked away not even awaiting a thank you from the mugged man.

I would try to make this thought a reality as close as I could. The coaches weren't paying attention to the whole ordeal and I doubt they'd care. I grabbed Jack buy the arm, put my other hand on top of his head and through him to the ground. I kept a half-nelson until he pleaded for me to stop. As I resigned he snorted.

' wow, get me when my back is turned' he spat.

There it was. I grabbed his sweats pulled down and revealed...

Tighty whities.

'awwwwwwwweeeeee' several people cooed in unison.

Jack had the redest face.

Monkage Man looked at his succes and flew to the top of a building. He awaited his next conflict. His next adventure. He knew nobody stood a chance. He was Monkage Man...

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on Sep. 10 2009 at 12:42 pm
i thought this was about the war of the couches!!!!

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