Faithful to Faithless

January 18, 2009
People line the tiny, rickety pews. Their Sunday attire is flawless, immaculate. They have become prim and proper, not for the God they claim to worship, but for the gathered business men and women.

In front of the congregation stands a mahogany podium. From behind this podium, the minister preaches a silent sermon. His audience watches him with glassy-eyed stares. They do not see his graying hair of tailored suit. No, their minds are already fixed on Monday’s early arrival

The pianist begins to play. Golden music fills the choked silence. However, the expensive leather hymnals remain in their stands, untouched. Like the congregation and the minister, they are only for show. An outsider might hear the chords to “He Is Lord” and believe the Christians to be singing. How mistaken the outsider is.

The Christians of today are not the Christians of old. The sacred word of God Almighty has become watered down with lies and excuses. Men and women who claim to be baptized in him move robotically on Sundays. Their weekday activities make it difficult to discern them from the average sinner.

All of this is simply terrifying, as even God’s faithful disciples become brainwashed through the economy. Slowly the faithful become the faithless. Overcome with the need for money, we become monsters set on our own goal. We have faded into a nation full of deceit and poverty. The scariest thing yet, as the church loses its focus, is the lack of Bibles in His holy house.

What will happen to god’s servants? As we rapidly lost our identity, will we transform into the evils of the power-hungry world? Will we, God’s children, be swallowed into eternal damnation? Or will we rise again, through Him, and prove out faith?

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