Thank you for being here

January 17, 2009
By Priscilla Weaver, Lewistown, PA


Finally, lunch time! In highschool it is everyone's favorite time of the day, despite the nauseating cafeteria food. I would never eat that disgusting crap. I pack my lunch everyday, I do buy a drink though. It was Monday, which meant the cafeteria would serve some type of chicken. After my friends got their food, or whatever you would like to call it, we made our way to our table. After all twelve of us sat down we engaged in the normal lunch time gossip. Leah Madison walked by with her tray making her way to her table.

"Look! She's starting to get a baby bump." exclaimed Michelle.

"Ew, she's disgusting. I remember when her and I were best friends. Now look at her!" responded Alexa

"Yeah, she's a skank," Drew said with a chuckle.

Everyone else at the table laughed while I just smiled. Wow. I couldn't believe Leah was going through all this. When Leah found out her eggo was prego her boyfriend dumped her. From what I heard her family won't support her. I also knew for a fact that she had lost many of her friends. She and I were very close at one point, but we grew apart. I still had memories of us hanging out in the summer with all our friends. I glanced over at her table. Only two were sitting with her, Natasha and Molli. I don't like to pity, but I did feel sorry for this girl. Leah had everything, a wealthy family, popularity, brains, and more. I guess when you get knocked-up you lose just about everything.

The bell rang, time for English, which I coincidently had with Leah. I happened to be walking behind her to class. I noticed people staring at her stomach, whispering, and pointing. It didn't seem to phase her though, she minded her own business and kept on walking down the hall. We arrived to class and sat in our seats. Mrs. Miller immediately took roll and gave us the agenda for the day. Still, I kept thinking about Leah. Questions filled my head. What is her home life like now? Are her parents going to help her once she actually has the kid? Is she going to stay in school?

"So is it a boy or girl?" I overheard coming from Ryan's mouth.

“I find out next Tuesday, well I'm hoping to at least," answered Leah.

Ryan turned away and looked at Michael, they exchanged laughter. I looked back and saw Leah wrap her arms around her stomach. She looked up at me, but I quickly looked away. The next two periods flew by and the school day was over. As I was standing at my locker reaching for my books, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and it was Leah. She was glaring at me.

"I noticed you’ve been staring at me. Just because I'm pregnant doesn't give you the right to stare," Leah announced, "Don’t you think I get enough of it already?"

I was dumbfounded. I mean that was the first day I ever truly took notice to the fact she was pregnant. Still, I knew what I had done was wrong. I was not sure how to respond to her, so I looked down to surveillance the floor tiles.

"No answer? Ha, whatever fine with me, you’re just like everyone else!" she orated. “All you people are pathetic. You’re two-faced!”

I looked up. "Well, I’m sorry I actually give a damn about you!” I snapped back, "Maybe we haven't spoken to each other in awhile, but who cares? We were friends, and I still consider us friends. I never went back on my promise I made to you when we were young. No matter what I would always be here! . "

“Yeah, you’re here now. Where were you the other six months?” she exclaimed. “When I first came out with the pregnancy that was when I needed someone. Now it doesn’t matter!”

At this point I was starting to get annoyed, “How doesn’t it matter now? Your going to need someone once you have the kid to help you with school work and stuff like that. I’m sorry I didn’t come to you sooner, but I’m willing to help you now,”

Leah walked away and I turned to my locker. I grabbed my books and coat, and walked down the hall to the doors which led to the parking lot. As I past the girl’s restroom I heard someone crying. I peeked in and saw Leah with her hands on her stomach and tears dripping down her face. I went in, put my stuff down and hugged her.

“Thank you for being here,” she whispered.

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