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October 22, 2015
By Kiera1332 BRONZE, The Colony, Texas
Kiera1332 BRONZE, The Colony, Texas
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     It was Monday after spring break, everyone was tired and grouchy. Kylie stared out the window at the football fields imagining who had sat here before, and watched the football players practicing while Mrs. Sky, who still tried her hardest to make things interesting, droned on about some confusing algebra concept. They were all tired today. The bell rang, waking a few lazy sleepers, Mrs. Sky stood. "Don't forget to study! The test is on..."

     "Thursday" A few kids managed to mumble.
     "When? I can't hear you when you mumble!" Mrs. Sky said, in a valiant attempt to care.
     "Thursday!" Kylie and her classmates said, with very little enthusiasm even though some yelled. They began filing out. Mrs. Sky was beginning to clean her desk, like she did after every break.
     "Mrs. Sky?"
     "Yes hon?"
     "What was it like when my parents went here? I wanna know about the time they got engaged" She grinned, thinking how her mom had not really divulged, wanting Kylie to be more mature before marrying like they had. In fact, her mom, every time the subject came up, would give her a wry smile and say, "Why? Is there someone at school?" And Kylie would roll her eyes and reply that all the boys were to smelly, or incompetent. Her mom would laugh and ask why they were "incompetent", incompetent for what? She would ask, smiling. Me! Kylie would always reply. They always had a good laugh over that.
     "Hmm... Let me think on that, come back after school and we'll talk" She said, with a half grin on her face, "then we'll have time for a story that needs telling" Mrs. Sky said.
     "Yes ma'am, thank you" Kylie walked out, heading to Athletics, where she was sure they were going run.
      Kylie rushed into Mrs. Sky's room at 3:16, one minute after the bell rang, releasing them for the day. "Well that was fast," Mrs. Sky said, grinning, "you sure wanna know, don't you?"
     "Yea, kinda," Kylie said, a sheepish grin on her face.
     "Ok, well let's see. You wanna hear it all?"
     "Yea, I don't have any homework, and my parents won't be home till 5:00."
     "Ok good." Mrs. Sky looked out the window thoughtfully, "I wasn't really part of this story, I was just the math teacher who knew it all" She grinned and started.
     Sam was staying late again, he had been doing that a lot lately, playing his tuba, and talking to that girl in the math room, Robin, who was always being tutored, because math, was "incomprehensible".  "Her words, not mine," Mrs. Sky said, laughing.
     "12 plus 8 squared, plus the negative product is, oh you still don't get it, do you?" Mrs. Sky explained to Robin, for just about the 20th time.
      "No ma'am, I'm sorry" Said Robin, the red haired captain of the soccer team, she shook her head and her hair fell over her shoulders, she swept it back, "it really doesn't make sense!"
      "But it does!" Said the ever-patient Mrs. Sky, as she sighed. Robin looked around. They were in one of the thirty math rooms on campus. All alike. Beige walls, 3 white boards, filled with math and algebra concepts, a teacher's personal touch here and there, near their desks usually.      
      "Yes ma'am?" Said Robin, not quite paying attention,
      "You still with me?"
      "Yes ma'am" She focused.
      Sam had his own problems. After tuba practice, his ELAR teacher had asked him to be there everyday after tuba practice, which was everyday also, this week for tutoring, because his grade was steadily dropping. He ran to Mr. Kyle's room, hoping he wouldn't be so late that he got another week, even another day, or an hour would be bad.
      "I'm here!" Sam gasped, "I made it!" Mr. Kyle laughed,
"Yes, I see that, although, I believe you are eight minutes..." Sam groaned, thinking he had another week coming. "Hey, you didn't let me finish! You're eight minutes early!" Sam looked at him, just to make sure he was being serious.
     "For real?" Sam replied, somewhat incredulously.
     "For real!" Mr. Kyle said, laughing. "Even you," he pointed at Sam, "Can be early!" They both laughed. "Alright, let's get down to business."
    "Alright" Sam said, almost looking forward to the work that was set out for him. Mr. Kyle was such an interesting teacher, work was almost never boring. Almost.
      "That semester passed rather quickly, besides Sam getting pulled in for week after week of tutoring, and the next time anything worth mentioning happened, it was graduation day," she paused and laughed, "I almost forgot! Sam and Robin started dating two weeks before winter break." Graduation day came, and everyone was on the football field. The sky was bright, and dusk was just around the corner, the wind was a mere whisper, people cheering as the grads walked up on stage one by one, receiving their diplomas. Robin was third to middle, and Sam was three behind her. When they were done, Sam grabbed Robin and they went up into the stands to watch the final show, the cheerleaders, the band, and the choir lining up to say goodbye. They got to their seats. He looked over at her, thinking how beautiful she looked with the evening sun on her face, her wind- tousled hair, and the look of joy in her eyes. He got down on one knee, "Robin?"
     "Yes?" She said, her heart doing backflips along to the beat the butterflies in her stomach were tapping.
     "Will you marry me?" Tears sprang to her eyes.
     "Yes!" Yes laughed as he scooped her up and carried her down the steps. At the end of the celebratory night, she told her parents, her dad laughed, her mom cried, they all embraced.
     "They invited me to the wedding, it was beautiful. Sam had some of his band buddies come and play at the wedding," Mrs. Sky pauses, tears in her eyes, "a couple months later Robin called me and told me she was pregnant" She stopped to sniffle, Kylie handed her a tissue. "It was a beautiful baby girl, she had bright blue eyes, a light dusting of her mother's red hair on her head, that actually turned out to be brown," here she stopped again, looking at Kylie. "Now, you know the rest," she checked the clock, "Sam should be coming home soon, so run along home, I'll see you tomorrow!" She smiled at Kylie.
     "Thanks Mrs. Sky! See you!" She left. Mrs. Sky still sat, remembering, the wedding, the music, the food, she remembered it all.

The author's comments:

There was a story we were reading in ELAR and I wrote this story like the author wrote his.

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