The Fire

June 9, 2015
By MadiHatter192 GOLD, Lubbock, Texas
MadiHatter192 GOLD, Lubbock, Texas
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" 'What happens after you die?' lots of things happen, they just don't involve you." ~Louis C.K.

Orange embers glow benteath a tree barks ashes. I watch the embers grow brighter, taller, hotter until they had compleatly engulfed my vision. i looked on in awe as the flames licked the crumbling logs, suptturing, dancing, destroying. The shadows dance all around me as I sit in the midst of the smoke. They way the flames sway mezmerize me. I can't do anything but watch. If I move closer to the radiating heat I will get burned, but if I move away I will bocome cold. I watch the flames streatch for the heavens. My focus shifts to the many fires in the sky.I dig my fingers in the the dirt in the ground and the grass I use as a pillow tickles my neck. All the fires glow through the smoky haze as I sit and wonder. A large shadow comes into veiw and looms over me. slowly and gently I am embraced and carried to a soft cusion, away from the warmth of the fire and night sky. As the warmth slowly drifted, something else stayed. Inbedded in my chest was spark of hope. The shadow is still by m side when my heavy eye start to close. "Goodnight sweetie," I hear it wisper softly," I hope you enjoyed the camping trip."  But as the shadow had placed a soft kiss on my forehead, I was already drifting into a peaceful slumber.

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