January 15, 2009
This girl is fascinating, she allures me in ways never before seen. But who is she? Unlike most girls I feel shy in her presence, it’s indescribable. How am I letting this happen? I can't even finish track practice without ominous fantasies eradicating my mind. This has never happened to me before, I am swept by this girl. She has mouth dropping beauty and a smile that even the blind can see. Who is she? This is a curse. Not that I can't have her or unwilling to try, but I feel I’m not good enough, but why?
She allures me it’s simple can't you see, it's like an unknown manipulation, but how can it be. Free me of this bind controlling my mind…
It's merely a disappointment now, I have too many things going on. She smiles at me and continues to class, yet I have the indecency to even talk to her mostly because I’m distraught from my own fantasies. I’m petrified of hurt, the pain of being dropped from a four story building has me acting berserk. There is no emotional connection because she doesn’t even no my name! Or does she? It’s possible I'm blind and can't see… But more likely it can't be…
I’m distraught by "love," is that what they call it? I never bother trying because I’m unwilling to fall...
Should I stay or should I go I say to myself. Should I wait? Should I ask for help? I am distraught and helpless but I have to do something. The longer I wait the more I do nothing. Even dreams tell to make a decision. I wake up and finally begin my mission.
“Hello misses what’s name” I ask? “Amber and yours”, she smiles and laughs. I see my chance, and take fast. I ask for her number, I get a paper with nine digits, but no last. “Is this a joke” I ask uneasily, she said “no its not” I remove my finger and find the final number and linger.
“I know you, you play football right? “ “Yea I say” she says “your game is tight” I say alright and with some regret I ask. when you want me to call you?
She said tonight.

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critic said...
Feb. 10, 2009 at 1:15 am
This is should edit it a bit and put space betweeen paragraphs to make it easier to read.
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