One Green ipod

January 14, 2009
By Hannah Gales, North Lake, WI

It is one of many choices but I like it. I am its listener the one energized by it. One green iPod, ready when I am, to sing what it knows. One that takes time to set up but is worth it. One that consumes many to listen to it. I listen to it every night before bed, but people say it is noise.
Its songs are teachings. They send message to the listeners. They teach what is right and what is wrong and the listeners fallow the there teachings in hope to be better. This is how the popularity expands.
If one drops the iPod, it is damaged and scared, it never sounds the same. Listen, listen, listen it preaches when on. It sings.
When it gets old and you have listened to it too much when it has lost its spark then you stop listening to the teachings. Then there is nothing to look forward to listen to. One Green iPod that sings and does not give up. One that’s only purpose is to sing and be listened to.

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