Josh's Red Bike

January 12, 2009
During the summer of 2008, there was a boy named Josh who lived in San Francisco. Josh wanted a bike more then anything. He wanted to ride up and down the hills, like he saw all the older kids doing on their bikes. But he was only seven and his parents said it was far too dangerous.
“ What if you hit a parked car?”, said his mom. “Or if you get going to fast and can’t stop?”
Josh denied it and said, “ That won’t happen.”
But his mom still refused. Josh walked outside to ask his dad instead.

“Dad can I get a bike?”

“Go ask your mom.”

“I already did ask her.”

“What did she say?”

“She said no.”

“Then it’s a no.”
Josh’s dad turns back on the hose and continues to wash his car. Josh looks up and sees that it is beginning to get dark out. He goes back inside, has his supper, puts on his pajamas, and crawls in bed. He has a blue bunk bed with bike sheets and blankets. The minute his mom leaves the room after tucking him in, he grabs his phone.

“Grandma, will you buy me a bike for Christmas?”

“ It’s way too early for a Christmas present Joshy.”

He and his mom were in the car, heading to the grocery store. Then he saw it, the red bike of his dreams. It was in the window of TOYS R’ US.
“Mom, look, that’s the bike I’ve wanted my entire life. Let’s just get it now!”
“ I can’t stop right now, and I already told you, it’s too dangerous.”
Josh begins to cry and throw a fit. They arrive at the grocery store and Josh is still crying.

“ Josh, you need to stop crying now. If you behave I’ll buy you a lollipop.”

Meanwhile, Josh’s dad Chris is at work. He starts to think about Josh and how badly he wants a bike. Chris then has a flashback and remembers when he got his first bike, when he was seven. It was the best day ever for him. Ignoring his wife’s decision, after work he drives to TOYS R’ US and buys Josh a red bike with training wheels.

That night, Chris walks in the front door after a long day’s work. With a great smile on his face, he says hi to Josh. Meanwhile, Josh’s mom Anne is cooking dinner for the three of them.

Chris asks, “ When will dinner be ready?”

“ In about twenty minuets or so,” Anne replies.
With a twinkle in his eye, Chris motions for Josh to come outside. Back in the kitchen, Anne hears a loud scream and it sounded like Josh. Anne drops everything and rushes outside to see if everything is okay. Anne sees Josh on a red bike with his red helmet. Anne is relieved because Josh was alright. Then, she looks at her husband and shakes her head.
“ Do you know how dangerous this is?” Anne says to Chris.

“ No, it’s not dangerous, he’ll be okay, I got my first bike when I was seven too.”
“ Okay, if you say so.”
Anne goes back inside to continue cooking and leaves Josh and his dad outside.
Then it happened. Something bad. Josh hits the curb and falls over onto his left arm.
“ Ouch! Dad!” Josh yells.
Chris rushes over. Josh’s arm looks crushed. Chris calls Anne outside.

“ Get the car, we need to go to the hospital! ” Chris yells.
Anne starts the car and shakes her head once again.

“I told you this would happen Chris. “ Anne tells her husband.

“ Okay, I’m sorry, you were right.” Chris says.
In the meantime, Josh is crying in the back seat holding his arm.
They arrive at the emergency room and rush inside to meet Dr. Choi. He immediately takes an X-ray of Josh’s arm. After returning from the X-ray room, Josh’s parents look eager to know the results.

Dr. Choi says, “ Looks like Josh has a broken arm. We’re going to have to put a cast on his arm for six weeks.” Josh’s parents nod and Dr. Choi asks Josh, “ What color cast would you like?” Josh points to the red one and says, “ That one, cuz it reminds me of my bike.”

They arrive home from the hospital, with Josh’s arm in a cast. They eat their dinner and watch some TV to get Josh’s mind off of what happened. After watching Josh’s favorite movie, Toy Story 2, his dad takes him to bed.

“Dad, can you sleep with me tonight?” Josh asks.

“ Sure, son.” Chris replies.
Josh closes his eyes, with his dad by his side.

Josh wakes up. His dad is not there. He looks down at his arm. His cast is not there. He rushes downstairs and sees his mom eating breakfast.

“ Mom, what happened to my red cast?!”

“ What are you talking about?”

“ My red cast. The one that I got at the hospital, after I fell off my new red bike.”

“ What red bike?” Anne asked.

“ The one dad surprised me with when he got home from work yesterday. The one that I fell off.” Josh replies.

“ I..I.. have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“ Look I’ll show you. Come outside with me.”
Josh rushes outside dragging his mom with toast still hanging out of her mouth. The bike is not there. Josh starts to cry and rushes back upstairs to his dad’s room.

“ Why did you leave me that night?”

“ I didn’t go to bed with you last night.”

“ Wait, so what happened to my bike that you surprised me with dad?”

“ I didn’t get you a bike, your mother said it was far too dangerous.”
Josh begins to cry even harder and realizes it was all a dream.

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