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January 12, 2009
By Samie Riley, Hartland, WI

Dear Board:

I have lived in the Village of Merton for eleven years and always thought something was missing. During the summer my friends and I like to go to the Merton Custard Shop and The Coffee Garden to hangout. People are amicable when you walk into the store and say hi and try to have a conversation with you. I would like to advocate for other small business in the village to give us teens and younger kids a chance to have options to pick from.

It is vexatious trying to figure out what to do in your village when there is really nothing there. I have heard some nefarious words said about the village and hope that this will change. Yes there are restaurants and stores, but nothing that really excites teens and kids. The reason some parents choose to live out in this district is because of the schooling system we have. The parents may scrutinize the village because they are limited to what they are able to do.

I hope the board is astute about these concerns and take the time to think about them. If this turns out to be a difficult decision, then you should solicit the idea around the village and see what response you receive. I know that one complaint is ineffectual, but this is something that I feel needs to be changed. If the village is like this when I finish college I would not move here because I know there is nothing to do. I would like my children to have the opportunity to do different things.

I hope you take the time to think about this situation. Think about the teens and kids in the village that can’t drive and want to be able to walk to a store in there village. By adding more stores the teens and kids will feel like they have a sense of freedom.



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This doesn't really make sense.  The tite is incongruent with the peice, and while this letter is well written, it does not appear to be fiction.

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