The New Years Nightmare

January 11, 2009
By Marcus Emerick, Orlando, FL

Sweat was running down our faces. Our hearts were beating so hard as we hid behind the tall hedge. We started to think that everything was clearing up and then all of a sudden, pop, pop. We heard two loud pops and all we could think of was run!

It all started on January 1st on a very dark and foggy night. My brother and I were in visiting our family for new years. But tonight we went outside with my cousin to watch the fireworks and a weird shadow creeping along side us. We live on the mountainside so all we could think of was to run up.

Run, Run! Yelled my brother. Even though he is eighteen years old he was just as scared as all of us. We started to go up the steep mountain when my eight-year-old cousin said, “ I’m tired!” For a eight year old he was hanging in there. Nothing else in the world mattered except getting away from this creep that was following us. The curved mountain road had no sidewalk so we were forced to run on the road.

The cars whizzed by and barely hit us as we continued our climb up the mountain. Many cars were just driving home after watching the fireworks, which celebrated the New Years. As we climbed up the mountain we turned into one of our favorite hiding spot to rest and to hopefully lose our chaser.

This spot was full of trees with very thick vines. One by one we climbed up a small tree. We always climbed up this tree but never at night. We though that we would have lost this creep but sure enough we heard a couple of leaves cracking. We waited and waited and then we saw a dark figure passing by. As soon as he passed by we came down. But as we were walking away my cousin stepped on a branch and cracked it.

Crack! The dark figure turned around to find that we were right there. The chase started once again. Step by step we analyzed the possible ways to lose this man and the only one that came to mind was to turn onto a dirt road, which lead to my aunts house. We ran up to her house and knocked like maniacs but only to find that nobody was there. The dirt road had only two exits, the back and the front. We turned around to go out the front but the creep was there. We were forced to go out the back.

The back exit is full is a huge flight of stairs that lead to the beginning of the road. That was our only option. As we went down trying not to fall I looked up and saw the shadow right on our tail. As we went down we started to hear more and more pops.

My brother tripped and fell over the stairs as the chaser started to get closer. We urged my brother to get up. As he got up and we were about to go down another step the figure grabbed us by the collars. As we turned around to send him a message with our fists, the streetlight revealed the man. It was our uncle with a bunch of poppers. We got red in the face with anger as he laughed over and over again. But at least that creep was my uncle not some kidnapper. When we look back at it now all we do is laugh.

The author's comments:
The setting of this story is in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

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