The Bully Buster

January 10, 2009
By Tessa Enwards, Goldendale, WA

Susan walked to school slowly, piecing a sinister plan together, making sure every puzzle piece fit perfectly. As she walked she could hear the birds chirping in the trees, totally unaware of what she was about to attempt. When she arrived at school the geeks were talking about some science fair, who beat who in cribbage and who had the best [geekiest] glasses. The jocks were talking about who had the most scares, how many baskets were made at their practice yesterday and who was dating the prettiest girl. The rest of the chattering playground was a buzz of discussions, that Susan decided, wasn’t important enough to deserve her attention. Susan walked over to the swings and started swinging. She swung high so she could scan the playground for the person who always started the morning drill. Susan spotted him. He came over as if he was the ruler of a filthy rich kingdom, a smirk planted on his face. Susan’s spine was tingling she wanted to run but couldn’t move her frozen legs. Calm down, stick with the plan she told herself taking a couple deep breaths, I got to stick with the plan. She dug her black sneakers deep into the gravel and stopped swinging. He stopped. Susan glared at him hoping he would chicken out by her evil snarl she tried to show in her glare.

“The money?” the fat 6th grader demanded Susan. She gave him the money, her plan finally taking action. She too had a smirk on her face. She avoided Henry, the evilest school ground bully, until lunch. She had to see what kind of mess she had got him into.
“Henry, this is fake”, the lunch lady with the big mole mounted on her chin informed him. “You can’t eat lunch until you have real green cash right here.” The lunch lady said pointing to her hand.
“But….” Henry stammered.
“No buts Henry, cold hard cash.” She argued. Henry sat there on the table looking at his shoes. You could hear his stomach growl from miles away, well at least Susan could. The whole school eating lunch had witnessed Susan’s historical plan that no one had attempted in 10 years, the whole school was wondering who had done it, and if that person would be pummeled after school. She made it through lunch but she knew she would run into him at recess, she would try to avoid him. She ran for the playground, but the bully was already there.
“FAKE, FAKE MONEY!” The bully shouted.
“So you can’t afford to eat yourself? I’m not your mom”. Susan said. The bully turned red, steam seemed to come out of his ears. He was the locomotive that had no tracks. He swung his fist at her eye. Susan dodged it, she hadn’t planned this part, and she would have to improvise. She had played some boxing last week on the Wii; she decided she’d give it a go. By the time she threw her deadly left hook the school was circling around them, making a boxing ring for Susan and Henry’s punching match. Henry now had a big fat lip,
“Suits you perfectly.” Susan said ready for him to throw a punch.
“Normally I don’t punch girls but in this case, I’ll be punching a baby!” Henry said as an insult and threw his chubby fist at Susan, this time giving Susan a black eye. She was mad now. She thought that she would explode into a million pieces if getting beat up bad by a girl didn’t humiliate him. The teacher with surprised look on his face came out and had barely anytime to blow his whistle before Susan punched Henry in the eye knocking him to the ground and bit his arm still punching him. She swore that her eyes turned red in her furry. The teacher blew his whistle like a police officer and ran over to where Susan was wining her fight. “Break it up, break it up,” the teacher chanted as he pried Susan away from Henry with his cold hard hands. Susan was sent to the principles office immediately, accused of fighting.
“Beating up a boy?” her mom asked the principle shocked.
“That’s what happened.” The principle said. Susan had to take the conscience of a 10-day suspension and a lot of scolding that lasted all those 10 days but Susan didn’t care. She was thinking about what she had done, the biggest mistake of her life. She had beaten up a bully by sinking down to his level; she was no better than what he was.
Susan woke up the day she would start school again. She knew she would have to make things better; she didn’t want to stay on the bully level. Susan dressed in a gray t-shirt and her best pair of blue jeans. Susan grabbed her backpack and headed out the door, determined to make things right again. She walked down the sidewalk but heard no birds chirping, no life around her; just silence and she thought she knew why. Susan kept walking until she hopped up the deserted school stairs. The day was very boring until recess. School ran through its usual routine, math then science then reading and lunch, all the time students watching Susan with their piercing, curious eyes. They all avoided her, including Henry. At recess, the playground was loud as usual but she didn’t want to socialize right now, she dragged her feet to the deserted swings and sat down to look at her shoes for a while. I have to find Henry! She remembered jerking her head up scanning the grounds with intense, radar eyes. But before Susan could spot him, he was looking at her. She stared back reading the fear in his eyes as he sat on a monkey bar, alone. Here’s my chance. Susan thought, glad this wasn’t as hard as she thought would be. She got up off the cold lonely swing and walked slowly over to where Henry had jumped off the money bar and was waiting for her to arrive.
“I’m sorry.” They both said in unison, Susan held up her hand when Henry’s mouth opened like he was about to say something.
“ It was mean to give you fake money, so you couldn’t eat.” Susan said bowing her head.
“No, this is my fault,” Henry confessed, “I was a bully to you, I deserved every fat lip and black eye you gave me.”
“ But I sank down to your level and was just as bad as you were.”
“ Well that makes us even then, doesn’t it Susan?” Henry asked making a point.
“Yep, I guess so -- friends?” Susan asked
“ Yep, if you like me still.”
“ Of course I do, Henry.” And the two enemies walked away as best friends to go play four square with some old friends. Henry’s bulling days were over and all he needed was a friend. Finally, Susan had the perfect victory, the victory of gaining a new friend and stopping a bully all in just under 2 weeks. She was a true bully buster.

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