January 9, 2009
In a tore down and forgotten town called Olympus, Athens, Greece was born an ugly child named Benvolio. All his life he was a miserable child. Whenever he would go to school he would get picked on just because he was ugly. The teachers didn’t know what to do anymore so they compelled Benvolio’s parents to change Benvolio’s school. That same process happened throughout his whole school career until he was in 9th grade. He dropped out. He became a fulltime fisherman.

He hated his fisherman life. He would always stink like raw fish. He always wanted to be an actor. One day he met a girl named Savannah. At first she was scared to talk to him but then she finally got the guts to walk up to him and ask him if she could buy 3 tilapia fish. He responded yes. It was love at first sight. That night he went up to his room and finally took a shower. His parents wondered what the occasion was but they didn’t bother to ask him. He put his pajamas on and through his window he noticed that Savannah lives next door to his house. He thought to himself “she lives next door to me.” Once he had finally fallen asleep he had a dream about her. He dreamt that he was a really handsome guy and that she fell in love with him.

The next day when he went to FISH’S POND he saw a poster over the name of the pond saying Casting for 2012 held at FISH’S POND tomorrow at 9:00 am. He got really excited. That night he went home and took another shower. Because of the audition he had totally forgotten about Savannah. The next morning he went to the casting. Their were only two people there counting him. It was his turn to act and the producer wondered what an ugly guy like him was doing here. So the producer asked him what he wanted and Benvolio replied, “nothing sir, I just came to try out for the part in your play 2012, sir.”

“I’m sorry kid but I only accept fresh faces”

“Sir I do have a fresh face I took a shower this morning”

“What I meant was that I only have people on my play who have nice and clean faces”“Ok kid I’ll give you one chance and that’s it”

“Oh, thank you sir you won’t regret it.”

“Yeah, yeah make it quick kid I have a busy schedule”

Benvolio had done a million times better than the other guy who supposedly an actor. The producer loved the way Benvolio acted but he didn’t want an ugly face on his set so he hired the other guy.

He went home devastated and angry. Savannah was watching him act but he didn’t notice. When Benvolio went home Savannah was following him. She waited till’ Benvolio went inside his room then she knocked on the door and Benvolio’s mom answered. “Yes, can I help you?”

“Yes, can I speak to Benvoilo please?”

“Sure he’s upstairs in his room”


“Hi Benvolio”

“What are you doing here?” he angrily yelled at her.

“I just came to tell you that I saw how you were acting today, and it was beautiful.”

“You really think so?”

“Yeah, of course”

“No, you’re just saying that out of pity”

A couple of years passed after that conversation. Benvolio moved to Russia and started a new life. He went to a famous and expensive plastic surgeons office to get a surgery on his face. 8 to 10 hours later he walked out of DR. Baldelli’s office with a swollen face. He stayed in Russia till’ his face healed. He went back to Russia when his face was better. Nobody recognized him but they knew he was the handsomest guy in Olympus. Instead of going to his parent’s house he went straight to Savannah’s house. She didn’t recognize who he was until he started to talk about what they went through. She started crying and kicked him out of her house. Before he completely walked away she yelled out, “I loved the old Benvolio”

That same day he climbed Mount. Olympus and committed suicide.

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