Office Space

January 9, 2009
By Emily Patch, Potomac, MD

Looking over my cubical wall into his four by four workspace, I couldn’t help but stare at the back of his head. His gorgeous brown hair just makes me tingle sometimes. But then, all of sudden, I duck back down into my swivel chair, slumping a bit because of the embarrassing thought that he might have seen me. To my dismay, he walks towards my direction, probably headed to the back room for some afternoon pick-me-up coffee. Stopping short of the room by about 4 meters, his final destination turned out to be none other than my corny cubical, covered in magazine cutouts of Hollywood hotties and sticky note reminders. His mouth opens and words seem to come out but I can’t hear because (I don’t think you need this he in the sentence.) he my hearing temporarily shut off due to nervousness. Staring at his flapping lips for what seemed to be more than a minute, he continued to smile while giving me his full attention. Still speechless, he makes the motions toward my sticky note pad to the left of me, reaching across my bust. He picked up my furry monster pen and wrote down numbers, something I didn’t make sense of right away. Oh man, I was getting dizzy. After shutting my eyes then reopening them for less than two seconds, he was gone. But in his place he left his phone number and continued to write, “Call me tonight. I really want to see you.”
Jolting up after hearing a huge book slam on my desk, I awoke from my accidental nap at work, looking down at my wrist and seeing compression marks made by my intricately designed earrings. Well dang it, Jacob did not in fact come over to ask me out. Who am I kidding, that was only a dream. The man has never talked to me and I sure as heck have never made an effort to introduce myself. I have been working here for over six months and I still haven’t even simply walked by his cubical, which by the way is right next door to mine, and said hello. Shoot, I’m a nerd.

After getting some coffee from the back room so I would be able to stay awake for the next couple of hours, I continued to beat myself up for dreaming such a stupid thought. While lightly tapping my head against the upper cabinet where the tea bags are located, none other than Jacob himself walked in right then and there. There was an awkward silence, almost like an elephant was sitting in the room. Seconds, then minutes past by and for some reason I still wasn’t making any attempt to escape the situation. But all of a sudden, the impossible happened. Jacob spoke. “Um, excuse me? May I get by so I can get some tea bags from the cabinet?” Oh my goodness, he finally spoke to me.

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