Now What?

January 9, 2009
By Rob Walters, Mequon, WI

After a long night of slowly cranking and screwing in the garage Roger finally came to a stop. He lifted his head from under the hood, painstakingly twisting his neck to avoid contact with the underbelly. The man took a second and briefly admired his work. Finally, after so many years of hard work his longtime dream of building his own was complete. The thing that has gotten him through the hardest of times, his lifetime project was done. The effervescent glow fell to darkness as the man’s wrinkled fingers met the hot orange plastic of the lamp, reaching trough the darkness on his way to the door. He walked in, gently hanging his grease stained jacket on the hook. The house was silent no food cooking or show tunes playing. The sound of silence seemed to consume him now. His eyes were quickly drawn to-do list on the wall underneath a sad picture of his younger self with his late wife, which hung on almost every wall in his house. He crossed off the last entry. The man stood there for a moment, wondering what is left. Then he finally concluded the summer of life is turning cold, the beginning of the end.

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Wow i can tell theres deep meaning to this, i love it! Nice job. U kno its weird, we had a discussion about this, about the meanings of our lives : best english class yet! Lol, point is, very great topic and story ! :) Check out/comment/rate some of my works? Thanks

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