Chocolate Wonders

January 9, 2009
I sighed as I glanced through the opaque curtains at the lustrous outdoors. Even though I didn’t think it would work, I made a little supplication to God, in hopes that my mom would let me outside to play with my friends. Staring out the window, I saw all the jocund neighborhood kids playing tag. It was despondent, mom would never let me out this sick. I sighed again as I stood up and trudged into the kitchen.

“Mom, can I please go outside?” I remonstrated.

“Sorry, but you are too sick! Until you can corroborate the fact that you are not sick, then you can’t go outside. ” she almost hollered, this had been at least the tenth time asking.

“Fine!” I growled stomping back to my room.

I had been in my room reading when I heard a knock at the door. Mom hollered something unrecognizable. A few minutes later my grandma waltzed in carrying a capacious bag. She plopped down on my bed and rummaged through her bag. Soon she pulled out a trifled of chocolates and handed them to me.

“Oooo! Thank you!” I squealed popping one in my mouth.

The chocolate had a wonderful savour, making me feel better already. After that short visit, I didn’t mind looking out the window to see all the giggling kids. It didn’t matter that I was sick now, because everyone knows you can’t have a fever forever.

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Abby B. said...
Apr. 1, 2009 at 7:46 pm
Yeah....I had to write that for one of those vocab papers in English....I didn't exactly mean to submit that one....personally I don't lke it either.....I don't really understand it myself! Thanks for reading though....I thought only my friends and family read these!
cutietothemax58 said...
Apr. 1, 2009 at 12:18 pm
I think I may have missed the point in this? I'm kinda confused... If I had to pick out one thing I would say that your word choice is what makes it confusing. For such a simple story, the complex language over shadows the point.
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