The beginnig of a journey

January 7, 2009
Whoosh, Whoosh the wind blew cold. A shiver instantly ran
down my spine.'The numbness is temporary," I told myself as I
patiently waited for my bus. Since the tears from earlier today had
frozen to my fragile cheeks, it was harder then usual to hide my
emotions and it made me extremely uncomfortable. I have to admit I
didn't know where I was going, but at the time it was amazing,
because it's taking me away from where I was. Didn't you ever
feel like you just wanted to run, run away from whatever was hurting
you. Well, I'm running and trust me...I'm never looking back.

It's been a while since the last time I heard the sound of
bus doors opening, but for some reason( when they did) it gave me
the sense of freedom and rebellion. As i sat down, I couldn't help but
feel tired and drawn out, I hadn't slept in 18 hours, I knew it was just
a matter of time until I had my chance to let go of reality.

In most of my dreams, I'm running in a Cotton field, with
the warmth of the sun in my child like face. For some reason, I'm
counting, like I'm playing hide-and-go seek with someone. Then,
whenever i reach ten, my mother appears ( at least whatever I
remember beautiful hair sways in the wind forces me to never
want to wake up. Then, all of sudden, while I'm still twirling in the air,
she lets go, and the weirdest part is, that, as I'm flying she's waving
goodbye, like she deliberately let go of me. Some of my other dreams,
is, the way I last saw her. She had a perky nose and big beautiful blue eyes,her flawless face would make you want to cry and her ears where
a size that complimented her face perfectly. She also had long, blond , healthy hairthat fell preciously over her knees.Sometimes, I wonder what my life would've been like if she didn't die.

Last night, I snapped. I found letters that she sent me a couple of years before she passed, and my bitter father kept them from me. I still can't get over what happened last night. It's hard to believe that someone can be so cold hearted and malicious. Every night I would cry myself to sleep, wondering if she loved me, wondering why left when she knew she was dying and mostly wondering if she knew how much i loved her,and the sick part is, he watched and never said a word.I'm scared...I'm scared that i won't be able to support myself, but I guess that i got through life this far (raising myself), why not longer? My dad always blamed me for my mom dying, he always despised me. You would think that I'm over reacting, but if you saw the way he looked at would understand. He looks at me with fire in his brown eyes, and pain dripping off the corners of his scruffy mouth,I've never seen such disgust between two eyebrows and the throbbing of his veins under his brown hair shows how much effort he is using to not explode. It used to be hard to deal with, but my emotions grew immune to it after a while. I'm surprised i put up with it for so long, but after i saw the letters, nothing was holding me back. I guess i never left because i was afraid he was all i had...but the truth is...I rather have nothing.

Chapter 2.

"Excuse me?" his stern voice startled me. I didn't notice all my thinking and worrying had dosed me off. How long was I out? Before I could ask, his voice chimed again," Is this seat taken?" Trying to pull myself together, I shook my head from side to side, insisting for him to join me." You look pretty drawn, I'm sorry I woke you," he explained apologetically. "No big deal, I'm actually grateful, if it wasn't for you I probably wouldn't have woken up." " Oh, well, in that case, I guess I did you a favor." "I guess you did." He chuckled, " My name is Damien Smythe, it's a pleasure to meet you." I laughed along with him," My name is Abigail Lee Tebster, and it is a pleasure to meet you as well." I don't know if I wasn't fully conscious before, but right at that moment I stop breathing, and my heart started racing,his beauty was suddenly overwhelming. He had dark brown, (scalp length) hair. He had a better sense of style then any guy I ever met plus his scent was mouth watering, and even though this was all very hard to ignore, I couldn't get past his face. His dark complexion was so smooth. His brown eyes looked like they held the happiness of the world ,and ,best of all, he had one lonely crease(dimple) that appeared with ever glistening smile on his left cheek.

" Um..are you alright?" he laughed "You look kinda pale." Trying to chuck out an answer, " Um...yeah..sure..I -I - I'm fine." "Okay, whatever you say." he pressed his lips horizontally, as if he was berrying a smile. I turned my back to him for one split second to try and fix my brown knotted hair. "He must think I'm a bum," I mumbled quietly in my head. "Your sweatshirt is interesting," he explained . My eyebrows raised, surprised that a guy with his type of style would think so highly of my green ,Van Helsing T-shirt. " Why is that?" I asked curiously. "Well, for one reason, It matches your amazing green eyes...." my cheek's darkened , pink with flattery," ..and the other reason is, I'm actually a big fan of Van Helsing." I was lost for words, one reason, because he thought my eyes where amazing, secondly, because he was a fan of my favorite band. Let me not forget how thankful I was that he was starring at my eyes and not my brown tangled hair. I have to say,my slim, toned, pale body was in no competition with his chocolate, masculine physique, but , now that i think of it, nothing physical about me was amazing compared to him.

Struggling to respond, I said the first thing that came to my mind," Well, your hat is quite interesting as well." He smirked at my unexpected response," Why is that?" " For one reason, it has a nice sense of a European style, for a second reason, it compliments your outfit fairly well, and for a third reason it matches your amazing brown eyes." He responded with a loud laugh "Touche' " The conversation went on like no flirting was involved, " Aren't you a little young to travel by yourself?" he questioned curiously. I was shocked that he thought I was an unsupervised minor, " No, I am a legal adult,eighteen to be exact" I explained harshly. He raised his eyebrows, "Oh, I wouldn't have known, you look younger than you are." "How old are you anyway?" I asked just as curiously as he did. " Well, to be exact, I'm nineteen." One year older, "No big difference," I whispered, too quiet for him to notice I said anything at all. "So, where is this bus taking you?" he asked. " Well, no where specific..just..away." He had a confused expression, " Away from what?" Then i answered with one lonely word that( in my perspective) seemed to sum it all up, " Everything." He proceeded with his questioning, "Oh, so your a runaway?" " If that's how you want to put it....yeah..I guess I am ." I answered surprised by my own words.

"So where is this bus taking you?" I asked. " Just... home..and since your not a physio killer , your welcome to come."he explained with a hint of certainty in his voice. " Um....I'm truly flattered, but, I'm not that kinda girl" he cut me off (with a laugh) before i could finish. "What's so funny?" I was long passed confused at this point. " I have to admit, I feel kinda insulted right now." it was obvious that the sarcasm in his voice cleared up my poor interpretation of his hospitality." i have no where else to go I'll be glad to, but, only if I don't die of embarrassment in thirty seconds." He smiled, and then, all the wind in my chest excraped. It felt like the middle of my chest was punched,and followed by the air following harshly out of my mouth, and that's when I knew to never expect a normal reaction whenever he flashed his lonely dimple.

Chapter 3.

"Abigail?"the familiar voice woke me. "Abigail...are you okay?" I was already confused, why wouldn't I be okay? " What happened?" I whispered. " Oh..finally,"he said, filled with relief. I was shocked and surprisingly happy, he kinda sounded...concerned. " What happened?" I repeated. " I don't know, you just passed out." he explained. " What? when?" I didn't understand. " I'm just as confused as your are....okay." " What was the last thing that happened?" I asked, trying to figure out why I passed out. " Um...I smiled.. after you said you would come over, and then you turned purple like you couldn't breath, and just seconds after, you passed out." I already knew what happened when he said he smiled,"Oh..,"I didn't know what to say." Maybe you should see a doctor?" he asked, in a concerned tone. There he goes again, being so protective and showing such worry. " What?" he was confused, " Why are you looking at me like that?" Uh-oh, I forgot how passionately my eyes searched through his, trying to find some piece of phoniness, and for some reason...I wasn't surprised when I didn't. " Oh, sorry....I'm fine, I's just look more concerned then anyone I've ever meet." He quickly got embarrassed( lets just say embarrassment fit him well)." - I'm just..." He took in a breath and then pro ceded," Yeah, I did get....concerned."he seemed to have a hard time to admit his anxiety.

To be continued.....

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inspiredbynature said...
Jan. 23, 2009 at 12:52 am
i love Stephinie Meyer, and am utterly inspired with her work as well. i can tell that she inspires you, its clear in your writting, as well as your love of writting. Keep it up!
i've also written some stories on this website.
One is called Between Life and Death.
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