Journey Into The Night

January 7, 2009
By Hollie Guill, South Weber, UT

This story takes place on a cold summer night, in a mysterious town. The cold wind blows and the full moon blazes in the dreary night sky. The moon is out, but it’s dark in here. We can’t find our way out, it’s like we’re trapped in this place filled with pure darkness, with that monster pushing us deeper and deeper into the abyss. We saw some light through a small clearing a while back. But that creature found us before we could make our escape for the glorious moonlight. What started out to be a normal day hanging with friends, quickly turned into a crazy night. I woke up feeling exhausted as usual. By the time two o’clock came around, I was bored out of my mind. All of a sudden my phone rings. I answered it, only to find it was my friend Sharon on the other end. We started talking about how bored we’ve both been. Sharon came up with the idea to get together with some friends and go ice-skating. Sharon came to pick me, Erin, and Jacob from my house. We then decided to go and get the others (from Lizzie’s house) where Lizzie, Derik, and Scarlet were watching a movie. We picked them up and started our journey to the ice-rink.

Something was off, I felt like we were being followed. Scar said that it was my imagination running wild again, but I knew that it wasn’t. We arrived at our destination, the ice-rink. We all got out of the car and we made our descen toward the doors. Scar and I looked inside, but only to find out that it was closed ‘till June 16th. We were very disappointed. Scar and I started to walk towards the car, but it wasn’t there. “What the…. Where is it?” Scar said with a shaky voice, because the sun was going down and the light began to fade into darkness. “I don’t know. Where is everyone else?” I replied. We couldn’t find any of our friends, so we started walking across the parking lot when we suddenly see an outline of someone tall right behind us. We looked at one another, the fear had shown through our eyes. We looked back but saw no one. Scar started to pick up her pace, so I followed her lead and did the same. Footsteps came creeping up from where the rink was. The feeling of being followed was there again, in the pit of my stomach. We looked back for the second time. Out of nowhere, a tall figure stood there just a few feet away from us. This monster almost resembled a man, with the big green eyes staring at us as if he was peering into our souls. We were terrified, we tried to run but our bodies wouldn’t let us. He took a few steps towards us, his hands out in front of him leaning towards us. We tried to run again, at last our minds and bodies were as one working together to run away. We were running, but we kept looking back, and we saw him right behind us matching our steps with huge strides. We tried to find a place to hide, but it was pitch black out here. We found a place behind an old tree that was covered in green moss which seemed to be about centuries old. He ran in after us and said very loudly “Where ever you go ill find you! You can’t run away from me!” That’s when we moved from our hiding spot searching for a way out of this place, but we were trapped. No way out. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Darkness covered everything else, and silence covered the earth.

The author's comments:
This story is realistic fiction. Its realistic fiction because its about me and my friend Sarah's adventure.

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