The Perfect Moment

December 29, 2008
By Megan Wavering, Springfield, IL

You had that perfect moment you idiot! All you had to do was turn your head, give a long flirty stare, then lean in for the kill! But no, you had to go and spill the soda on his jeans! Even worse you just ran out of the theater without even apologizing! Gosh your so stupid, stupid, stupid!

I bang my hands against my forehead. I ruined my chances with the perfect guy all because of a Dr.Pepper. Oh and he was really cute too! Why am I so oblivious?

“Okay, Okay.” I tell myself, “just get yours keys, get in your car, and never return his phone calls then it will all be over.”

Beep… Beep…

Oh god, its him. I throw my phone in my purse and walk down the deserted alley from the theater. It’s only a five minute walk to my car, and to the sanctuary where I can let my despair flow out of me.

“Deep breathes, deep breaths.”

Wait what was that? It sounded like someone was behind me. Okay, keep walking and don’t look back, it is all in your head. Why did we have to go see a scary movie? Oh god, there it is again! I quickened my pace just a little more. Then faster, faster, and faster until I was in a quick jog. My heart is pounding and then it suddenly stops. There is a hand on my shoulder. A strong, muscular hand. The hand turns me around and I close my eyes.

“Oh god, oh god.” I mutter, still pinching my eyes shut.

Then cold, hard lips press onto mine. Wait, no they are warm and soft. My eyes fly open as the strangers lips part from mine. My heart jumps. Not because it’s a killer come to tear me to shreds, no it’s my date. The guy I just ran away from after being completely embarrassed. The guy with the most mesmerizing ice blue eyes I had ever seen.

“You forgot that,” He smirks a sly smile. “I was going to do that earlier, but you kind of ran off.”

I giggle. This was the perfect moment.

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This article has 1 comment.

kim said...
on Jan. 15 2009 at 4:17 am
OMG!!!this is really good! it needs to be edited a little , and you have to make sure that you're keeping it in the same tense. you went from present to past tense a couple of times. otherwise this is REALLY good!


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