The Package

December 29, 2008
By Kimberly Foote, Campbell, CA

“Ding dong” The doorbell rang.

I sat, tense, waiting to see if anyone would get it.

Nothing. I sighed, getting up from my desk, where I was writing an essay that was due tomorrow. The last thing I needed was a distraction.

I walked slowly to the door, tucking my auburn hair behind my ear in a vain effort to make myself appear somewhat put together. But it was hopeless. In my ugly P.E sweats and sweatshirt, I looked as though I had just come from the gym.

I grasped the door handle, hoping whoever rang the doorbell wasn’t anyone I knew.

“Oh,hi,”I said relieved.

It was a UPS guy.

He handed me a clipboard with a pen for signing as he adjusted a large package on his hip.

As soon as I signed my name, Rachel Wood, he gave me the package.

“It’s heavy,” he said robotically as he transferred the package from his hands to mine.

I looked for the return address. There was none.

“Excuse me…” I started to ask, but he was gone.

Carefully, I shut the door behind me, and examined the package. Besides being heavy, there was nothing unusual about it.

Looking at it, two questions formed in my mind:Who was it from, and what was it?

The author's comments:
I wrote this just after a package was delivered to me by a UPS guy. Enjoy!

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