I Will Give YOu everything--even my LIFE

December 21, 2008
“Your voice is all I could hear in the melancholy I am in. Your scent is the only aroma I could sense as I reminisce the heartbreak we’ve been through. I could still remember your smiles as they slowly escape my psyche. I could still the warmth you give, when the queer wind wraps us tightly. I would never forget your image, the only thing I see when I close my eyes and envisage the day you left me. It hurt me too much, Rhianne. I could never forgive myself because I was the reason you departed your life”.

Yes, I am the cause of her last breath. It was all because I was too demanding. It’s all because I was bad. it’s all because I was never a good friend, but still, she treated me as her best.

It was a hot humid day on the 25th of July. Rhianne and I were up the Southern Hills for a family-get-together camp. We’ve been friends for more than 10 years. We were both endearing and both daughters of outstanding doctors.

We were eating hot mallows when I began to be bossy (again!!). I told her to go with me at the cliff where the sweet-scented flowers were grown. “Whatever you say Jazz, I’m there”, she eagerly said as she licked the mallow stuck on the stick.

She’s really kind, huh!! She’s my confidant and I love her. She hugged me tightly and I, too, wrapped my hands around her. “I would give you everything, even my life”, she added as we started to walk. “Oh really”, I asked jokingly. “SWEAR!!” , she replied.

At last! We arrived at the chilly place. We were overwhelmed by its serenity and the beauty that lies within each dancing flower rocked us off our feet. There I caught a glimpse of an alluring pink and white flower. I wanted to get it but it’s too high and I’m afraid of heights. And it was rooted at the side of the cliff. “I would cry if I can’t have that!” , I said as I sat on the rock beside me. “I’ll get it for you!” , she said as she patted my back. “Are you sure?”, I asked. “I would get hurt if you cry. Like I said, I would give you everything, even my life”, she replied as she started to climb. “Be careful!”, I shouted.

She was able to pick the enthralling flower. Then, her foot slipped in the rock. “RHIANNE!!” , I shouted, “hold on! I’ll call for help”. “You can give me everything but not your life”, I added.

I did not know what she did. All I know is that, by the time we got there, she was nowhere to be seen. The flower was near the rock I sat on. She must have thrown it before she fell. “It’s my fault”, I cried as my mom embraced me. Her parents could not stop crying but they never blamed me. They were able to take what happened and were able to locate her pale body.

And now, on her requiem, all I could hear is her last eight sentimental words, “I will give you everything, even my life”----while holding the flower she risked her life for, just for me..

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