December 7, 2008
By sandline st.charles, Orlando, FL

i've played a character for the pass few months its seems as if i had enter another person body.i play the girl her stepbrother full in love with that same girl her stepmother cant stand or even try to like her anger of hate in her heart for me turned out to be the love of her son's heart which choose nothers but me confusion is on my way cant find no way to enter because the truth usually stay silent while all the lies speak loudly,i find a WAY to accept his love within lies upon my heart just so his mother could feel the pains,tears within my heart the sadness in my i watched her go through the same hell that she put me through i enjoy it without feeling any pain i watch her her cry like i use to cry in my room .she cry with freedom because she have to talk to i didnt have nobody but God and my notebook and pen.make her feel like she dont belong,running away from her own house.i now realized pay backs is not worth it seing the person pay for what she did silently theres no matter then that. im starting to carelesss on what people say about me im not going to live my life on the words of humans being living my life depending on whats God wants for my reality.

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