True friends

November 25, 2008
I Stared petrified at the shattered glass upon the cold marble tile. The vase had been broken, and there were too many fragments lying upon the floor. There was no way I could mend it with glue and it wouldn’t look scared. My mom was going to kill me.
“I won’t tell if you won’t tell”!
My niece joined me as I stared blankly at the floor. My mouth went numb and it dropped to the floor. When I first tried to speak, I chocked back the words in a muffled cough, but I succeeded my second try.
“Trust me. I won’t tell”.
Outside I heard the faint rumble of gravel. The sound of rock crushing under the heavy wheel of my mother’s Extera. I could never have imagined that my body could grow anymore tense, but it had managed to, and in a rushed second, both my niece and I were hunched over the floor sliding the shards under the nearest sofa.
“What are you doing girls”?
The hairs on the back of my neck rose to their tops as my mothers voice sounded monstrously behind us. In an instant we my niece and I stood facing her with out backs in perfect posture like a soldier facing the general.
“I__Umm”. I stuttered as I tried to speak, but my niece spoke up to mask my nervousness. But as she spoke, she said something I would have never expected her to say.
“I’m sorry grandma, but I broke the vase”.
My mother’s eyes drove straight towards mine burning a hole threw me head. My mother probably got the clue that someone was covering up for someone, but how? It was probably the mother in her that could see through the lies.
“Don’t blame her grandma. My niece pointed a unsteady finger towards me. “I broke it, I’m sorry”.
It was moments before I realized that my niece had just saved me. I was the one who broke the vase, in fact she wasn’t even in the room when I broke it. I was unsure of why she would take the blame for me, and as I stared at me niece in idolization her eyes met mine, and she gave me one last wink before she was thrust out the room by her loosened sleeve.
Quite the stunning thing to whitness, because my niece was sent home that day, and I got off easy. I had almost wanted to tell my mother that it was my doing that broke the vase, but my niece insisted I didn’t. If I didn’t have a friend like her, I could only imagine that I would’ve been grounded for eternity. The courage It took her to do this for me, something I would have never been able to do.
I highly value my friendship with my niece, because a true friends is someone you can trust. Family isn’t only with you through blood, they’re the ones who know you better than anyone else. Even when sometimes you think they’re the worst people ever after a big never ending argument, there’s always a spark in the very depth of your heart that tells you that you still love them, and it’ll always be ready to ignite again one day.

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