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January 2, 2009
By juliaa1234 BRONZE, Milton, Delaware
juliaa1234 BRONZE, Milton, Delaware
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It has just been a day since i broke up with my boyfriend Eric. Nothing was going right i was depressed and wouldn't even touch my food.My mom even talked about taking me to therapy but i refused. I just said therapists are know it all's who just want a way to make money.Even though, my mom was still worried she thought i might "go to great lengths with my depression"if you know what i mean.I told her i would never do that but she still kept an eye out for me.

My best friend in the whole wide world Stacy also kept at it for me. every day she would call to ask if I'm alright if I wanted her to come by or if I could come over. I always came up with an excuse not to go.So now she even stopped trying.

My mom says I'm pushing away all my friends and I'm going way in over my head.But right now I'm thinking what does she know.But she was right as i pushed away my friends i became more depressed not because all because of Eric I was so mad and sad and all other kinds of mixed feelings i couldn't think straight.I finally gave up I was ready..I was ready to forget about Eric and get my friends back and even my mom i used too be close to before this break up.

I was ready to go to therapy.But the first thing i did was call Stacy.And guess what? she did not do what I expected her to do she did not ignore me she did not close her phone she did not talk and talk about this she just clearly said"whens therapy?..i want to come with you to therapy to help you out".But after i called Stacy my mom came in the room and said i heard you talking to Stacy that's great!! its nice to know you guys are friends again."mom we were never fighting"i said."OK" she said sarcastically."oh man i feel a talk coming on"i sighed."yep", she said."listen honey you are not the only one that has been thought bad beak ups and you are going to have more but just don't get all depressed over it and stressed over it OK sweetie?"."yea thanks mom"."no problem" she said walking out of my room. I felt better already.And i was able to smile not a fully grown smile but an improvement.

After a week of therapy with Stacy by my side I smile matter fact i even laughed.i was able to get out more and forget about Eric i thought it was all good till Eric called one day."uh oh"i said."whats wrong girl" she asked."its Eric i replied."oh i take care of it"she said."No I'm good"i said not certain and she could see it on my face i was worried.then she said"Don't worry i got your back".When i answered the call Eric said" Hey I shouldn't have broken up with you like that i guess it was kind of harsh.Oh i guess i forgot to tell you what he did he got another girl supposedly one of my friends and broke up with me a month later after they hooked up.His breakup sentence was"I went out wit her to see which one i liked most and i chose her no hard feelings?".O that night i had hard feelings I started throwing everything i could throw including a CD player at him.

In the middle of his sentence i heard him say"I was thinking about it and I like you the most and i hope you will go back out with me".I laughed a little."whats so funny" he asked.I was trying not to be mean so i just said no i don't think we can not after what you put me through. So i guess friends we will remain bye Eric I'm at Stacy's house i will see you around". And did i tell you Stacy was the nosiest living creature on earth.She was like"girl i heard the whole thing you should have gave the phone to me i wouldn't have been so nice".I laughed that's one thing i like about Stacy she always keeps me laughing.Then she said "you need help just call me because i always got your back".

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its a little twist on breaking up

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