December 29, 2008
By Fiona Mc Donnell BRONZE, Limerick, Other
Fiona Mc Donnell BRONZE, Limerick, Other
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Why weren’t you in school yesterday?” Zoey groaned and spun around to face the person who was asking. Obviously it had to be Ms. Madden...the Science teacher. Her insides squirmed at the question. What was she supposed to say? She could never admit the truth!

“Umm…I was sick,” she mumbled, trying to sound convincing but failing. Zoey met Mrs. Maddens eyes and quickly looked away. Tears welled up in her eyes. She knew it was advisable to tell her the truth, or at least tell someone, but if she did she would probably be put into care, moved school and never see her sisters again. That was the last thing she wanted. Mrs. Madden was her favourite teacher in the whole school and Zoey knew that she suspected everything wasn’t alright. Nowadays she only came to school once a week at most.

Suddenly without warning tears rolled down her eyes and then she just couldn’t stop crying. Mrs. Madden ushered her into the science room before she could protest. She threw Zoey a tissue; then they both sat in silence for what probably seemed like hours but it was really only a few minutes.

Finally Mrs. Madden broke the silence. “Zoey would you like to tell me the real reason you are hardly ever in school anymore?” she questioned gently. “Since my mam dad; well he...” Then her voice quavered and there was silence once more. “He has been at his friend’s house everyday and at night and when he does come home he is always drunk. So I then have to mind my two little sisters,” she cried. Mrs. Madden was lost for words. Zoey’s father always seemed so polite and interested in Zoey’s education.

Suddenly the bell rang loudly, causing them both to jump. “Zoey, come with me” Mrs. Madden ordered. Zoey had an ominous feeling about what was going to happen next but had no choice but to follow her. She was told to sit down outside the principal’s office and then Mrs. Madden left her alone. She was looking out the window; watching a bird glide across the sky, when suddenly her thoughts were interrupted as she saw a strange woman approach her. The woman introduced herself and sat down beside her. They both sat in silence until the suspense became too much for Zoey and she broke the silence. “What is going to happen to me and my sisters?” she questioned glumly. “We are going to try and locate your father and for the moment you are going to be put into foster care.”

Zoey’s worst fears were confirmed. She and her sisters would be put into care. She felt like she had failed her sisters. Things couldn’t get worse. But when the woman explained what exactly would happen she realised it wouldn’t be half bad. They weren’t going to be separated and Zoey wasn’t going to move schools. “My sisters are home alone. I had to go to school because I couldn’t miss another day but my sisters are only two and three so they really shouldn’t be alone!” Zoey confessed. The woman, who had introduced herself as Kerry, sent someone straight over to their house to find them.

One month on and they are all in foster care with two nice foster-parents and they are getting on quite well. Their father has been sent to prison for twelve months for neglecting his children but Zoey doesn’t mind. She never ever wants to see her father again and when her sisters are old enough they can make that choice for themselves.

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