Hope's Angel

December 26, 2008
On a cold winter day this girl named Hope,who was 13 years old,and had long blode hair, walked into this foster home and begged to stay. The owner said fine and Hope became very delighted,Hope soon made many friends,but Hope was not happy. Hope did not just want a place to stay,Hope wanted a family, a family to love. Soon enough Hope got her wish, a family of two came into this foster home looking for a 9-13 year old girl. Hope was begining to lose faith that she would be adopted.
As Hope was eating her friend April ran into the kitchen and yelled a family is here to adopt a 9-13 year old girl. Some of the other girls got mad and walked out of the kitchen. Hope became very happy and ran into the living room, Hope said hello to the family and began to walk out of the room. Before Hope left the living room the family called her back. Hope the next day was adopted,by the Amos.
Hope asked the Amos where they where going, they said they are going to thier house. So hope belived them and fell asleep, Hope woke up and was confused the Amos were standing behind her and smiling. They told her goodbye and ran to thier van, got in and drove away. Hope started crying and stood up and was scared. Hope decide to run back the way the Amos drove.
When finally Hope got back to the foster home she told everything that happend and then Robin (the owner) called Mr. Amos on his cell phone and made him come back to the foster home. When Mr Amos got to the foster home Mrs Amos looked like she was about to jump out of that van and kill Hope. Robin asked why they left hope there by herself, and he said he hates kids he adoptes them just to see thier face every time, they do that. Robin went crazy and jumped on top of Mr. Amos and started punching him in the face, Mrs Amos jumped out out the van and ran into the foster home screaming at the top of her lungs. I was about to run away and wait for this horrible day to end but before she could Mrs Amos pulled me back by my nice white shirt and said "you little brat why would anyone want to adopt you, you are a slimy smelling ugly little brat."
Hope called Mrs Amos queen of the nastys. Then Mrs Amos pulled Robin off of her husband and told Robin that he will be talking to my lawer. Robin chuckled and told Mrs Amos that she will be talking to a police office about the horrible thing you did to this girl, then Robin walked away, with me right behind him. The day that Robin and me went to court I was scared and worried that Robin was going to get sent to jail. The whole court case ended with The Amos having to spend 5 years in prision and Robin paying the Amos $ 400 dollors for attacking Mr Amos.
Three years later Hope Got re-adopted and is now living with the Hendersons. A family of One girl the same age as hope and one Baby boy named Alex The girl's name was Faith. Hope writes to Robin every day, Robin is now married and has 2 kids of his own and has not been in a fight since the fight between him and Mr Amos. Robin and Hope visit on weekends,Hope says this "Robin is like a second dad to me."

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