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It's Time, Delilah

December 23, 2008
By Rebecca DeConcini, Tucson, AZ

The waves crashed down onto the cool, sandy beach. Time was frozen, nothing was progressing. I couldn't tell that the waves were slowly pulling higher up on the shore. The tide was coming in, but my eyes were blind to that. Sweet Autumn air blew through my shoulder-length hair. The only thing running through my mind was Jada. Two weeks without my beloved had left me lost.

A small, orange crab crawled along the sand a few inches away from my feet.

Tonight was the night I would do it. At 15 years old I was ready. I had been dating Jada for 6 months, my dad should know. Tonight was the dreaded night I would "come out". It was the perfect chance, they would go to dinner, I bring it up during tacos. It was the one night each year they were guarenteed to sit down and have an actual conversation. I had been planning it for this night since they arrived in Rocky Point neerly two weeks ago.

I didn't expect it to go badly, my dad is understanding about these things. Still, nervous energy took over my body. I don't really talk to my dad about serious things much. It was hard to open up, but I had to do it sometime. The only thing I was afraid of was him telling my mother. Hopefully he didn't, but if he made that decision there would be no living with her.

I heard my name being called from inside, it was my dad, "Delilah! There's someone here to see you!" There was another voice as well. It sounded like Jada, but it couldn't be. I felt my heart skip a beat, and two arms wrap around me, but only for a moment. Her fathers voice yelled, "Surprise!" from the doorway. Delilah broke into a smile, it was the best surprise she could have asked for. "I thought it was pretty lonely out here for you, so I invited your friend to come visit," he declared, clearly proud of thinking of this.

Ecstatic, this was the happiest I had been in these two weeks. Jada was actually here. I wanted to throw my arms around her and kiss her, but yet again couldn't because my dad was still oblivious to what Jada and I shared. We went to "hang out" in my room until it was time for dinner.


"So you're really going to tell him?" Jada smiled slightly, they wouldn't have to hide any more.

I sighed, "Yeah. I mean, it's really time he knew. I'm not ready to tell my mom yet, though."

"I understand. Wait until you're ready. You're taking a huge step by doing this." Jada closed the door, put her arms around me and kissed me. It was a long, loving kiss, screaming, "I missed you," in itself.


The restaurant dinner table was quiet; there was a thickness in the air. The clinking of silverware chewed at the silence. I took a bite of my taco, took a breath and decided it was time to confront the issue.

"Dad, you love me right?" I asked, glancing up at him.

There was a look of confusion in his eyes, as if he thought it was an odd question to ask, "yes, of course."

"There's nothing that can change that... right?"

"No, why are you bringing this up, honey?"

I took another deep breath, and exhaled. It was time. I had run through this several times in my head but there was no way to predict and plan every minute of it. My heart beat faster, "I need to tell you something."

"You didn't crash your car, did you?" He looked worried.

"No." I looked over at Jada, and she smiled at me encouragingly.

"It's ok," Jada said. I think I needed her to say that, it gave me a push, and some much needed confidence.

I glanced back at my dad. "Jada isn't just my friend," I looked down at my plate, "she's more than that. She's my girlfriend..." I paused a few seconds and looked up at my father, "We've been dating for almost six months."

I put my fork down and rested my hand on the table, Jada reached her hand over and layed it on top of mine. The two of us looked expectantly toward my dad for a reaction. He looked a bit surprised, but not mad "Why didn't you tell me sooner?" His voice was slightly shaky.

I was ready. "I didn't know what you would take it, I wasn't ready to tell you until now."

Dad sighed, "You know I will always love you, no matter what choices you make. If you two are happy, then I am happy for you. So the question is, are you happy?"

My dad's liberal beliefs calmed me, he was so understanding. This was going perfectly. "I'm the happiest I've been in a long time," I answered, smiling, and looking lovingly at Jada.

"Then I guess I'll just have to accept this, won't I?" he looked down, seeming concerned about something. "However, I wouldn't tell your mother about this. It was one of the issues we never agreed on, she would not be happy at all."

It was completely true. If my mother found out, she was likely to kick me out of the house. Also, she was likely to go straight to Jada and tell her she was never to see me again. I looked down; my dad knew this was the case. I think that was part of why he was being so nice about it, so completely understanding.

The author's comments:
I wrote this a few years ago, and just found it in my computer. It's kind of cute and sentimental, I wish my coming out experience was that easy.

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