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Last Breath

December 20, 2008
By Tiphani Villarreal, Van Nuys, CA

I truly thought it was my last breath. I was lying there sucking in as much air as possible. Then it all came to me and i started to realize...I just got shot. I dont know how it happend. It came all to fast to realize that the person that tried and almost succeded at killing me, was my boyfriend.

I heard sirens. They were getting closer, closer,what happened? They stoped I couldn't hear them any more. They were... I swear... I mean... I dont know. I could swear they were comeing to help... to save me. Everything was black, dark. Where was I?

Soon I woke up and found myself in a big truck with the same sirens I heard before I blacked out. Or so I thought. There was a man walking around.He wasn't panicking, but he wasn't calm either. A woman seemed to be checking my pulse on my wrist. The man stopped in his tracks when he saw that my eyes were open and looking at him. I soon realized that these people were trying to help me, trying to save me.

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