December 18, 2008
I am on stage. The spotlight shoots down on me. I waited four counts and then started racing off into the step-ball-change, almost halfway into the floor. Then, I shot myself up and opened wide for the switch leap. It was a complete split! The crowd was roaring with applause! The three judges looked at me and then, all in unison, looked down at their papers and emerged back to writing. I was very proud of myself for the leap, but I wasn’t done with my solo yet. So, I kept dancing.
The spotlight was making me sweat as it beamed down on me for the two and a half minutes I was on stage. Finally, I was on the last two eight counts of my solo. So far, this dance was a success! I did another step-ball-change and did a perfect triple!! My dance was done.
I stayed on stage as all of the other dancers came back on stage for the first time. The judges were going to say who won!! “We had 20 solo competitors here at Dance 2 Ur Spirit. But there is only one 1st place winner! I will start with 3rd place. Third place goes to, Caitlin DeVries! Second place goes to Madelyn Lenderink! And first place goes too........” That was when I woke up... My eyes were a blur, I could hear my sister calling my name, and she was peering over my face like a hawk eyeing its prey. “Hey, you’ll never guess what I dreamt about last night...” I said.

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CrazyCreative95 said...
Oct. 10, 2011 at 7:55 am
It was alright, I think you could do better, but I did like the personal appeal of the story. I just think it was a little rushed. Good job though.
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