From Dusk til Dawn

December 18, 2008
By 5implyM3 BRONZE, Huntington, West Virginia
5implyM3 BRONZE, Huntington, West Virginia
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This story is following the lives of four teenagers. Their struggles, their pain. Possibly everything that they go through in their lives. It features their personal point of views. From sundown’s to sunsets. From Dusk till Dawn.

The Beginning
“So what you’re saying is you expect us to actually write in these?” “Duh.” “Shut up Micah I’m just saying…..” “It sounds stupid.” “Then don’t do it then.” “This should help you all get through whatever it is that you’re having problems with. And trust me you all have a lot of them.” “Oh teacher’s tryna clown!” “So how many points do we get for writing in these things?
“20 points for your daily grade, how many points you receive at the end of the semester will be determined by how much you actually use your journals.” “What we write in here only you read right?” “Like you got something to hide. We all know your business with Mike.” “Shut up Rashad nobody asked you.” “Class settle down, but yes everything that you write will be confidential. Only I will read your journals. The only catch is you have to write poems too.” “Poems? I don’t know about that.”

You know what I hate? Some days you are so busy with different things, you know just rushing to get it all done then out of no where you have extra time and all you can do is think. That happens to me a lot. And it’s crazy how much stuff can pop into your head, but for me it’s always the same thing. I think about my parents and then it just goes down hill from there. That’ll be all I can think about for the rest of the day. My day is gone.

“Will I Ever Be?”
Will I ever be safe in securing arms?
Or stay locked behind closed doors?
Alarming shouts and scattered plates
Parents leaving the house with cuts and scrapes
Damn if that be my destiny, my fate
Will I ever be at peace?
Or will I wake up in the middle of the night because of a loud screech?
Listen to the soulful cries
Watch the delicate tear drops fall from my mother’s face
Will I be like him?
Or be like her?
Which of my destinies is to arise?
We’ll have to wait and see as time flies by.


How many things pop into your head when you see a bunch of guys standing on a corner in the hood? Go ahead and say it, because I already know what you’re gonna say. It’s been said before. Say what you want, but I bet it won’t stop me. Not even by a little bit. Nope not by all indeed.

“Trouble Maker”
I want it more than ever
My mind is right
My thoughts together
Zoned out
And focused on the necessary
I stay on it from January to December
I’m looking at the bigger picture
Call me a trouble maker
Or what ever it is to you
I stay to true to what I want
The time to make it is here
Not near in the future
You can call me a trouble maker
I know I’m not one of the regular cats you’re used to.


I know you’re probably wondering are my boyfriend and I still together? And the answer is yes, but I’m working on it. I really am. It’s easier to start a relationship than it is to end one. And can someone please tell me why? There’s different types of relationships though. I just happen to be in the hardest one of all. You focus so much on keeping the two of you together that it just becomes all you think about. You fight, you argue, he cheats, but you still stay and hope things will get better. And deep down inside you know they won’t, but you stay anyway. The cycle that you go through consumes you. You’re no longer the person that you were when you entered into the relationship. And guys can do that to you ladies. I’m not gonna let this guy get the best of me so I fight it. The person that I used to be is coming back. If only she could come back faster.

“Fallen Off the Earth”
I forgot about what’s important
And why I was sent here
My reason to be
I met a guy who I thought
Could change the way I thought
I spend time and energy going back and forth
Maybe if I do this
Maybe if I do that
Days go by
Sometimes I’m happy
Other times I want to cry
Furious with myself
Oh God
Oh why
But not intentionally I forgot the person I was
So free
Of life and pride
She was thrown away
In a dump she lays
I fell off the face of the earth
But now I’m back today.


I guess you can call me a dreamer, but that’s the best type of person to be. Really I have no story, no problems, and no struggle. I’m just here trying to figure out who I am and what I want to be. I don’t know how long it’ll take me. I guess I’m just along for the ride. So until I figure it out I’ll just write for Elliah, Stacey, and Rashad.

“Just Listen”
Listen to what’s being said
Pay attention
Take this all inside your head
Close you eyes
Feel the vibe that flows
Inside your skin
Embedded in your veins
Listen to the truth
The listen to the lies
What’s real?
You decide
Take in the fact that this can all be a dream
Or reality
What do you have to lose?
Except for everything you don’t want to
Selfish minds
We all think alike
Take heed of what happens in your dreams
Don’t do
Just listen
Pay attention.

End of Chapter One

Chapter Two


I started thinking again and it went downhill from there. I wish there was a place I could go to that’s new. Not the regular places I go to though. I want to get out of the cycle and shake it up a bit. Has that ever bothered you? When all you do is the same thing over and over again. It’s like being molded into something or you’re like a robot with a chip in your arm and you’re only purpose is to do a specific amount of things. I don’t know about you, but it drives me crazy. So I’m gonna leave. Where to? I don’t know, wherever my feet take me. I just have to get out of this house.

“Gotta Get Away”
Time is running out
No longer can I fake it
I just can’t take it
I have to get away from the lies
All the crying
It never ends
Truthfully I don’t even know where this began
I need to get away to an empty place
Where I can fill the entire pace with my thoughts
Let them out to wander away
Leave them there
And not have to look for them anywhere
Just somewhere where I can hide
I place where I can sigh
I need to get away
And not have to look back over my shoulder any day
Forget it I’ll just ran away
I need to get away.


It’s funny how many things you can say without opening your mouth. Or how you can see the same people everyday and not actually notice them until your up close or because of some odd event. Well that’s what happened today with me. Never thought I’d be trippin’ over a chick, especially one that I never paid attention to. That’s exactly what happened. Don’t know how, but it is. Elliah? I have class with her don’t I?

Silent looks
I watch you
You watch me
What can I say?
What can I do?
No clue
Silence is the only thing between us two
I open my mouth, but nothing comes out
Eating away at my skin
I try not to look at you
I try to blend in
At how much time I’ve wasted
You get up and walk ahead
Even though you’re out of my sight
I can’t get you out of my head


It’s getting to that point. I’m telling you that day is coming real soon. We got into another argument today. I just don’t see how guys think that they have the privilege, and the right to mess around. What makes them so much better than us? I want to see where it’s written down in black and white that guys can mess around and cheat. Why do it when you know you’re just going to get caught one way or another. It’s crazy. Then again I want to see where it’s written down that we always have to forgive them when they do get caught. Or is it just an instinct that we’re born with? Why are guys so retarded?

“One Day Some Day”
One day I’m gonna leave you
Pack up my bags and never look back
I know what I deserve
But why does this love thing have to hurt?
One day I’ll get it right
I’m sick of the fights and all the drama
I don’t blame you
I blame your mama
She just had to have you
Now I’m stuck with you
And don’t know what to do
Some day I’ll get you back
You just don’t know
But this is payback
I’ve thought it through
And kept coming up with the same conclusions
I’m leaving soon Hun.


Alright I have a question. When older people say that we should listen to them, because they know so much more and have so much experience is that really true? Can you really name one thing that someone in their let’s just say 40’s can do better then someone who’s 16-17? Yes, they do know a lot about their time and when they grew up. They have that history that can be taught to us. Then again we’re not living in the past, we’re living right now and in different times. We have the technology, the struggle, the dedication. As I see our generation has so much to offer everyone else. They might say that teenagers are lazy, because all we do is watch T.V and play video games. But at this day in age an eight year old is able to understand the most complex video game. We have so much potential and it’s only getting better. Still adults try to hold us back. Can someone tell me why?

“Underestimated Young”
The lives that speak
The dreams that are
Such rich lives
Unbelievably true
Lives bound together
The underestimated lives of young
Believe in so much more
Then what we’re taken for
Sold at low prices
Of course
The lives of underestimated young
We live today
And die tomorrow
Great minds must think alike
Such unmeasured talent
We could go so far
But cut so short
The underestimated young.

End of Chapter Two

Chapter Three


Things happen so unexpected sometimes. You can go from the poorest person to the richest in no less then a day. Roll with the punches and keep it moving. With me when it happened it wasn’t about money, but about trust. Actually being able or having that hope to let someone in and not have to deal with everything alone. Taking a chance, jumping off a plane in the end all you can do is hope that you don’t crash and burn. Well I took that chance and made a new friend. Well I guess you can call him a friend. Can you guess who?

“Catch Me as I Fall”
Catch me as I fall
I trust you with my life
Don’t displease me
Hold me tight
And believed not to exist
Alone all by myself
With you I could be
With you I could exist
Catch me as I fall
I run towards you
My savior
My knight
This could all be real
Catch me as I fall
Falling forwards
Falling backwards
Shifting positions against time
Catch me as I fall
Your arms open wide
I come to you
Oops I trip
All dies down low
Catch me as I fall to the wind
Catch me as I fall
The end.


If you see the same thing everyday what does it do to you emotionally, physically? Do you even show any emotion, show any effect at all? Or are just there? Do you get annoyed, tired, or bored? ‘Cause I’m trying to figure it out myself. Have you ever watched someone die and knew you were the cause of it? Is it exactly your fault or is their fault, because they make the decision to buy it from you? At the end of the day who’s fault is it if someone overdoses, or if someone is killed over money and drugs? You know who I blame? I blame the streets.

“It Takes No Hostages”
The streets below our feet
That concrete
You try it just once
And get thrown in so deep
Not forced but by your choice
Look into the eyes of those lost to it
Lost souls living a life of lies
Don’t make it seem like it comes to a surprise
To you
You look and pass right by
But me I stay here
And watch them die
The streets and drugs take no hostages
They just take what’s theirs
And what they deserve.


There’s nothing else to say really. Had to tell him off today and hurt his feelings. Don’t think you’re gonna get over on me. When this is all done and over with I’m gonna come out on top. If I keep staying when is this ever going to end? Will it even have an ending? I sure hope so.

“Man Up”
Understand that I need a man
Not a boy to hold my hand
Say tender thoughts
Maybe even be the first to say “I’m sorry”
When we have fought
Someone who holds his own
And shows confidence in everything he does
Never thinks of if’s, but’s, maybe’s, was’s, or what if’s
Even though things might not always go smoothly
He knows when to be serious
And stop acting so stupidly
He’ll be the one I’ll dream of going places with
Be the one I’m searching for
And I won’t be able to ignore the way I feel for him
My feelings for him will never quit.


Why is it that whenever you’re down something else happens that pushes you to the breaking point? That certain moment is all that matters. That moment can tell you so much about yourself that you never knew. You find out your limitations, how strong you are, even you as a person. Just don’t let that moment break you.

“Blue Cry Child”
Keep your head up high
Let go of all your sad thoughts and low sighs
Forget about those who put you down
Down rate your spirit
And try to clown
Cry all you want to
But don’t let that make you blue
The fight is yours
Victory almost one
This life of yours has just began
Blue Cry Child so beautiful you are
Realize your potential
You’ve got so far to go
With so little time spent on yourself
Rest up
Be yourself
I know you’ve had a hard knock life
But just don’t give up the fight.

End of Chapter Three

Chapter Four


Learning to let the past go is the best and the hardest thing to do. Things that you’ve held on to for so long. It’s basically letting go of apart of yourself even though is the darkest part possible. Being able to break through the barrier that you built around yourself and actually live again. It’s a beautiful thing.

“Break Through Heart”
Coming back into the world
Not trying to stay being that scared little girl
I want to come back to the realization
Of all that’s been done
And everything that I threw away
Because I didn’t think I could take it
And be brave alone
What I’m saying today is true
The past will no longer
Hold me back from what I want to do
I’m me
And once again I’m free
A day is no longer just a day to me.


How can things be so good and so bad at the same time? Can someone tell me? Elliah and I have been kicking it for a while and when it’s just me and her it’s all good. Any other time not as much, or not at all. I feel right now that if I don’t try to make things better for my brother and I I’ll never get the chance to. And I can’t let that happen. Would you leave everything and just go away or would you stay and hope for a better day?

“Get Away”
Sometimes I feel I have to get away
Stay away
Relocate to a new place
Don’t think this is just so easy
Just being here makes me uneasy
I have to calm my nerves and stay alert
Mess up and be the first to get hurt
I got to get away
Pack my bags and load up the truck
But these streets keep pulling me back
I’m stuck.


I’M SINGLE! I’M SINGLE! Gosh I wish I could shout it to the world. It’s over, it’s done. No more worrying about him and all his drama. It’s through and I swear it’s the best feeling in the world. What can be better than this? Oh and you better believe I gave him a mouthful. I let everything out in the open. And trust me I did not hold anything back.

“I Do Better”
You see I realize
Beyond the schemes and strife of this life
Beyond this game of cat and mice we play
I realize that I do better by myself
Yes me the one you probably daydream about now
How does it feel do be dissed?
You’ve been dismissed from my life
Tossed aside in waste
Be a player, be a pimp
But I played you, you’ve been pimped
You see I do better by myself
That look on your face
You seem surprised
Did you want to see me broken?
Bowed head, and lowered eyes
All that was said was lies or not completely true
But looking forward all I see is the light gleaming in my eyes
The smile is back
The confidence has arrived
There’s no you
There’s no us
There’s no future with no trust
I do better by myself
My time has been wasted
All that’s been said
All that’s been done
For what?
What purpose?
It goes in one ear and out the other
We were not made for each other
I do better by myself
You were on a different level with me
Above the rest
I looked up to you
But it all came crashing down
You know what they say about living in a glass house
I do better by myself
And yes I’ll flaunt just to the point that it makes you mad
Never again will I be sad
Especially over you
Go ahead and cry
Boo Who
I do better by myself
I am better by myself.


When problems start do you listen to your heart or do you listen to what you’re friends tell you? What advice is the best for the predicament that you’re in? What is right and what is wrong?

“Have You Ever”
Have you ever been pushed into a place you didn’t want to be?
Forced to choose between friends and that of the enemy?
Felt so strongly about something that you thought you’d burst?
Thought it over so much that it hurt?
Have you ever been so sure about the unknown?
That your friends dissed you and you felt so alone?
Said to you it wasn’t right
You heard this so much you wanted to give up the fight
Have you ever been tested so far?
That the outcome was unexpected?
This is my life I choose the rules
So respect it
Stay out
No matter of fact but out
Have you ever been in a situation with so much drama?
That all you did was disagree?
Better believe this life is yours
And at the end of the day
You still adore you
Say whatever to the sad news
Have you ever…

End of Chapter Four

Chapter Five

“Hi, I’m Michelle Wilson, reporting live from the scene of the crime here on 9th avenue. The police are not saying much about what took place here. All we know is that a high school student by the name of Rashad Houston was shot multiple times. He has been rushed to the hospital.”


You know what I realized a while back? It’s always hard to say goodbye. No matter how you look at it, it’s true. And it’s always the hardest thing to do, but I have to.

“Brown Skin Love”
Tall dark, and handsome
Fulfilled my fantasies
I had a brown skin love
Big brown eyes gazed into my soul
He became my other half
Together we became whole
He was my brown skin love
Destiny and fate brought us together
In this world filled with empty promises and dreams
God sent him to me
My brown skin love
He gave freely and enjoyed what he received
I held him close
Held him dearly
To my heart
No one could tear us apart
My brown skin love
Make it like it was
The first time for you and I
Over and over
Such a sweet time
He got caught up in a dangerous life
Made fast cash while the time past
Tick tock the clock went ‘round and ‘round again
Lost in a game with no end
No one wins
My brown skin love
Chances for him to far
Risk to great
Even though he didn’t know he had sealed his fate
My brown skin love
He lost so much
But gained so few
No way out, no clue
Falling down into a hole
Me not there for him to hold
I could see what was happening
What he was turning into
My brown skin love
Shot in the heart
That’s what tore us apart
I watched him fall into the street
His eyes dark
They closed slowly
Lost to the dream of future and fame
Him not me to blame
Everything ended
It was all gone
And for all the reasons that were wrong
But our love was so strong
I had a brown skin love.

The End

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