That Girl

December 18, 2008
By Veronica Tokatlyan, Montrose, CA

My best friend was born to a semi-wealthy family, sure she wasn’t part of the royal class, but she was above average. Basically she had it all till one day her mother got diagnosed with cancer and passed away only a month after. A couple of years later her dad decided to remarry even though her and her 3 sisters weren’t too happy about it they still supported him. With her new step mother moving in, life sure did change, along with this change her father had to leave shortly for war. With him leaving the girls had to stay with their new step-mother who turned out to hate them so much. She would have always given them chores and the girls with no complaints would constantly complete them all.
One day unexpectedly her step mother decided to give the girls a break. She allowed them to hang out at the house, swim, and behave till she returned from her errands. My best friend and her sisters did swim and soon got tired of it so they got some towels and put it beside the pool. Then, they just decided to lay for a tan and relax, too. Shortly after 2 of my best friends sisters got thirsty and went to get water which was near the pool door. They each drank 2 glasses of it and ran back next to my best friend and the other sister and continued their tan. Meanwhile, tanning they were so tired they fell asleep. Randomly, my best friend woke up and realized her sisters got fried under the sun. Not because of tanning though, the water they drank was actually gasoline so since they drank a lot of it and slept under the sun their bodies couldn’t handle it all. My best friend rushed to the phone to dial 911, but it was too late.
On top of all that just a week after her two young sister’s funeral, she got a call that her dad died too. So she was left with her little bit older sister and her step mother. Since her father died her step mother didn’t feel the need to continue taking care of the girls. She put my best friend and her sister in fosters and made sure their new families won’t be nearby so my best friend won’t ever be able to see her own blood sister. Ten years later, slowly adapting to the changes by working in a random factory near her new home; she met a boy who eventually became her husband and had five kids with. Her married life was alright, her husband was very strict with her and she couldn’t have done much along with her kids. Actually, my best friend and her husband both worked full time so the kids grew up mainly alone and by the oldest child who was only 7 at the time.
After numerous years, my best friend’s oldest child married and went to America. Meanwhile the rest married but lived in same city as her. Her life wasn’t so bad. Her kids grew to be well respected people in their country, but the unexpected happen. My best friend’s second oldest son passed away from stomach cancer and 40 days after her husband couldn’t handle the loss very well. He had a heart attack and passed away too. My best friend lost a lot of important people in her life and currently she is struggling for her life as well. Who can blame her, she had a pretty tough life and for her to still be beside me many years later is amazing. I honor the fact that I all that girl my grandmother, yes she is my best friend as well. I unlike most have a grandmother who never gave up on life till this day. The reason why she stands as a powerful role model in my life is cause after all the angels she lost from her life she still prays to see tomorrow and yes till this very day she has no track of her sister. Who knows she maybe could be her neighbor and will never know, but with the hope that maybe her sister has a better life she lives on. Also she does miss everyone she lost, but since she is knows that one day she too will fly right beside them makes her reassured.

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