Cher Frere

December 17, 2008
By Gramarama94 BRONZE, Modesto, California
Gramarama94 BRONZE, Modesto, California
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Cher Frere
-Part Un-

Louise sat in the small waiting room of the hospital starring out the window, watching snow fall and people pass. Tears stained the 15 year olds face and a plethora of emotions swirled inside her like a twister, Hurt, anger, sadness, and longing. It seemed she felt a new one every tick of the clock she felt a new one. Tick-hurt Tock-pain Tick-anger Tock-sadness
And each second felt like a minute, each, minute an hour, and each hour year. Louise looked up to see that it had only been 20 minutes since she’d arrived, 20 excruciating minutes the doctors had been trying to save her dear elder brother Andrew. Just a month a go he’d discovered he was sick, but a she never thought she’d be on the brink of losing the last person in her life. After their parents died, when little Louise was 7, he’d started taking care of her when he was only 15.(a child himself) As she reminisced more tears came to her eyes. But something told her she wasn’t going to help him by crying, she had to be brave for her brother. Louise bowed her head and clasped her hands together.
“Sil Vous plait,” She whispered, “I swear I will never ask for anything of you again. Only please, Cher seigneur, let my frère live.”
Louise couldn’t stop her self from crying, tears flooded out her eyes like water falls, the breaths came out of her mouth like winds and the plethora was back.
“Madame Louise?” She heard a voice call from behind. She turned to see one of the nurses, Nurse Madeline, holding her hands behind her back. “Your frère would like to see you.” Louise wiped her eyes and quickly walked down the hall to the hospital room, crying, and praying.

-Part Deux-

Louise and the nurse walked down the hall silently together. For Nurse Madeline it felt awkward but Louise only looked forward into space worried and scared. “You and monsieur Andrew must be very close.” Madeline said breaking the silence.
“Oui Madame,” Louise responded politely, but her gaze never left the wall at the end of the long hallway.
“He never stops talking about you.”
“Oh?” She said quickly and panicked.
“Yes, he calls you his petite ange, his little angel.” A tear fell down her face,
“Oui Madame,” Petite ange that’s what her parents called her before they died, she felt the tears come to her eyes and now she was angry with the nurse for even telling her that. She stopped suddenly and Louise stopped with her, “Here we are, he’s very tired so try not to surprise him.” Madeline said unlocking the door. “Merci Madame,” Louise said, Madeline nodded her head, turned her back and walked down the hall.
Louise slowly opened the door and peered wearily inside. “Andrew?” She called. She pulled her self inside and shut the door behind her. “Andrew?” She called again carefully walking over and sitting on the bed next to him. “It’s me, Louise, your baby soeur.” She waited impatiently for him to answer, please answer. The room was still, the air was cold, and all she could here was the ticking of the clock. Please…
“Louise?” He spoke softly, quietly. More tears came to the eyes of the adolescent both happy and sad, “Yes, it’s me, Andrew.” He was quiet for a moment, deep in thought. He needed to choose his words carefully; for these might be the last words he’d ever say to his beloved little sister. “I love you Louise.” He’d decided to start with easiest and sweetest words. Louise held her breath. “And I will always love you,” He continued. “No matter what happens you mean the world to me, and I want you to remember that always.” A tear fell down his cheek and he reached for her hand in spite of his weakness. She saved him the energy and gently took his hand in hers. It was cold and pale. Fear of hurting him took over. He turned his head weakly, opened his eyes and smiled as he stared at her. She smiled back in spite of her tears and said to him, “I love you Andrew.” She said pulling his hand close to her and gently kissing it. He laughed, “I love you to Cher Soeur.” He turned his head away from her and shut his eyes again. She felt his hand slip, but she held it tight. No…
His smile faded, and then he gently and slowly breathed his last breath. She felt her heart drop, and her vocal cords snap, but she managed to choke out his name one last time, “Andrew…” He wasn’t going to answer, her brother was gone.
“No… No! NO!” She screamed and cried and yelled. Louise curled up next to her brother, and cried, “PLEASE! NO!” She yelled again, begging that he would miraculously wake up. Nothing…

Part Trois

Louise pulled up from the hospital bed and looked down at her brother. The tears still fell and she hated to leave him, but she really had no choice. She stood up then took one last look at him, she moved close to him and gently kissed his cheek. “Goodbye Cher Frere.” She whispered sadly and softly. Outside of the room, the doctors and nurses were waiting for her, she kept her eyes to the floor and her long dirty-blonde hair made a veil in front of her face. Nurse Madeline was the first to step up to her and wrap her arms around her in a tight embrace, “We are all so sorry.” She said, “We know he meant everything to you.” Louise nodded but kept her head down. Madeline pulled from her and stepped back to the crowd.
“Do you have anyone else to take care of you?” Doctor Marius asked.
Louise kept her head down, not wanting them to see her cry.
“Is everything alright?” He asked again. No. Nothing was alright, Andrew was gone and there was on her own.
“No. I don’t have anyone to take care of me.” She said quietly and simply, like it didn’t matter anymore.
Louise pushed passed the crowd of doctors and nurses then ran down the hall in the small waiting room, passed the large glass doors and out into the snow. She could hear them calling after her, telling her how dangerous it was for her to be out there in the cold. But Louise wasn’t listening, there was no point in listening, if she came back they would ship her of to one of the orphanages, and she refused for it to happen, she just wasn’t going to. She could feel her feet freezing and her hands and cheeks turn red from the cold. She picked up her pace; knowing if she ran her sweat would keep her body temperature high. She ran down the rode passing families, women with baby carriages and a little girl with her father laughing and giggling as he picked her up. She felt the cold tears freeze in her eyes, it seemed no matter what she saw or where she went, memories of her brother were conjured up. He was everywhere, and she needed to get out. She needed to run, but where would she go? And how would she get there?

Part Quatre

Louise weakly walked through the cold field of snow, she could barley feel her toes, her hands, nor could she feel her nose. All of her digits were frozen. They might as well have all fallen off, and dropped into the snow. They could snap, bleed and rot and she wouldn’t know. She tried to keep going she pushed with whatever strength she had left, with all of her might, but it was no use. The only thing she could feel now was her cold knees connecting with the snow, followed by her red cold cheeks. Her hot tears melted the snow just beneath her face; she curled her body up and let the full moon shine over her. Louise looked up remembering the last time she ever really looked up at the full moon, was the night her parents died. Now she and Andrew would die underneath the same moon. She had no idea weather it was a blessing or a punishment. Louise decided she’d go in peace. She shut her eyes and begged that He would take her and let her be with her family again. And when she was done praying, the girl could swear she could here her brother whisper to her, Hello Cher Soeur, my petite ange…She smiled but kept her eyes closed, Hello Cher frère, my ange…
Louise let her body relax then, peacefully,and happily, she slowly froze to death…
Les Fin

The author's comments:
Hello, I hope you like this story(even though it was sad) I wrote this one summer at my dads house when my siblings and I had to read a book. I didn't have one so I asked if I could write a story instead. ABout an hour larer it was done. When I wrote this(Summer 2008) It wasn't as long or discriptive(one page) My english teacher asked me if I wanted to submit a story here so I decided to make it longer. Cher Frere means "Dear brother" In french, I thought of changing it but I didn't. This is set in Paris but it's not present day. I was thinking some time during the French Revolution after I saw Les Miserables. Anyway I hope you like it, I worked really hard. (Please comment, i could use NICE criticism to make my writing better.) Thank You!

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I cryed the whole time i was reading this. You are a great writer


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