Something Else

December 15, 2008
By Jesse Cutter, Overland Park, KS

They did not know what to make of her. With her pink sequined jacket and tight neon blue pants, she stood out like a boy in an all girl Catholic school. Everywhere she strolled, her painted face snatched attention from the masses surrounding her. And yet, she was oblivious to it all, her face an unreadable slate, the blank look of her eyes only adding to her obscurity. The hushed gossip behind erect hands never seemed to reach her dainty ears. The hive of hair on her head never swayed out of beat, her feet always landing perfectly on the unkempt road. She was a stranger to the town, but unlike any that had come before her.

There was no purpose to her indifference, at least none that the curious onlookers could tell. She was merely a girl from the city visiting the town in the country with her boyfriend. He and his family were a closed lot too, striding away from questions and skirting around the truth. No one could recall the girl’s name either, although she had been mentioned as the city girlfriend quite a few times.

She didn’t really know what she was doing at all. The man she was staying with did not know her, did not understand her, and certainly did not like her. He and his family were only a cover story, a false projectile to divert meddling minds. She had a bigger plan to carry out, greater dreams to fulfill, and nosy townspeople would not interfere. It was really a small fee that had permitted her to set up her investigation, times were hard and the Coulter family needed money. She felt no pity or remorse for the people, only trying to survive any way she knew how. She was searching for her long lost father, and she would go to all the ends of the world to find him.

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Really Nice!!! A mix of things that kept me on edge! I loved it :D It would be great if you could check out my work! Any comments or ratings would be very appreciated!!


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