In 10 Years

December 17, 2008
By Anonymous

In ten years I want to have already accomplished something in my life. I see myself as a celebrity maybe a singer or an actor. My dream is to own several animal reserves around the world and have a high security levels to protect the animals from poachers. By the age thirty I want to already be married and have a couple of kids maybe twins. I am going to have a very gorgeous and very rich husband but, he’s not the only one who will be raking in the dough. I will receive all sorts of awards and money ranging from limiting the number of endangered species to successfully rehabilitating Siberian tigers and returning them to the wild. I will also have a little singing career on the side but I only use it to help bring awareness to the plight of the helpless animals. After my work in foreign countries I will come back to the states to work on animal cruelty cases. Before I accomplish all of this I will have gone to A.S.U for my first four years in college on a full ride scholarship I will continue the rest of my college years at the University of Hawaii where I will study marine biology and zoology. When I feel that I have accomplished everything in life I will be about sixty-five by then I hope I will have many grandchildren that I can spoil. When I am seventy I will receive the Nobel Prize award for my work in Helping Animals. My five children will go to Harvard, Yale, Princeton, etc. they will also be very accomplished and passionate about helping animals. When I am eighty years my oldest daughter and child will become an internationally known scientist famous for her cure for cancer and the discovery of the modern day fountain of youth which will help me greatly. She will also win a noble prize for ending vivisection (animal testing). I will die at the age of one-hundred and ninety-five thanks to my daughter’s advances in medical sciences.

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sonJaNae said...
on Dec. 11 2011 at 9:46 pm
sonJaNae, Fort Wainwright, Alaska
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Really Nice!!! A mix of things that kept me on edge! I loved it :D It would be great if you could check out my work! Any comments or ratings would be very appreciated!! Those are some great goals to have! I really hope you make them come true :D


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