Jack and Jill

December 2, 2008
The only light on our path was a flickering streetlamp behind us. The slapping of our shoes was the only sound besides our breathing as we crossed the old, abandoned basketball court. I slipped though the chained fence in the back with ease while Jack jumped over. We ignored the no trespassing signs. Why was I here? Why did I follow him, did I really believe that he needed help? Did Sue fall into the construction pit behind the park? If so, why did he come find me? How could I help them? He probably could have gotten him out by himself. He sure is strong enough.

Jack and Jill went up the hill
To save the neighbor’s daughter.

The dark shadows covered us, towering over, telling me to run while I could. I wanted to scream, to tell them that I couldn’t, even if I tried. He would catch me, it would be even worse; he would beat me down, then take me to his friends to beat me more. I could feel his eyes on my back. Piercing me, burning a hole in the back of my head, watching and waiting for me to run, to dash feebly though the darkness, not knowing where I was going. He started to speed up, a quick stride now, making me sweat. This is bad, I’m going to die! He is bringing me out to nowhere to die! They must be out there at the constructions site, all the other boys. Just waiting like wolves, slinking in the shadows, seeking out their leader as he corners their prey. They are all out there searching for their time to pounce.
We finally made it to the pit, a deep, dark hole. They were going to make it a swimming pool but they ran out of money, like everyone else in the town. Jack started to circle around me, putting a hand of my shoulder. I flinched, practically jumped as he leaned over the edge, over the barricades. He leaned back slowly, snickering; and evil smile spread over his face. From behind, I heard footsteps, the crunching of the fallen leaves and branches.
I knew it! I was right, I am going to die. It was all a lie, a horrible lie, Sue isn’t the one in trouble, I am. They are going to beat me up then dispose of my body in the pit. No one would find me, no one would look. I don’t want to die; I want to live. I want to live… I WANT TO LIVE. Jack turned back towards me, the smile turned into a frown. His eyes filled with terror as he started to fall. Down.



Jack fell in, into the din
And Jill went running after…

What just happened? Why didn’t I try to help him? I didn’t even try to offer a hand. The ground in front of me was crumbled, a slant of loose dirt angled down to a disfigured shape. I took out my mini-flashlight off of my keys and shone it down to see what was at the bottom. It was a horrible site; he was twisted and bashed, there was blood flowing out of his head and his clothes were turned into dirty rags. I was in shock; my brain could count to fifteen before I could get my body to move. I ran down, sliding on the loose dirt; rolling by the time I reached the bottom. I watched Jack’s chest flutter up and down as he tried to breathe… Oh my God, is he alive? Yes, his chest is moving, barely, but still moving. Look at all the blood. I should check his pulse, right? It’s so slow, and soft like a baby bird trying to fly, flying then failing. My hands, they’re dark red, such a sad dark red…

Up got Jill, when voices she heard
As fast as she could caper;

I jumped as I heard voices from above; they were the other boys, the other wolves. They didn’t sound threatening; but my body told me to run. Run, run away; the dark shadows told me again, run while you can. So, I left them behind, all of them: my killers, the blood, the fallen bird, all behind me as I spread my wings and turned into a blur. I scrambled up the other side of the pit, grabbing at anything roots and rocks, sharp or dull I didn’t know; I couldn’t feel it. Faster, they will catch me; they will kill me. They still haven’t eaten; a savage animal needs it meat. Run faster, I have the scent of blood on me, they can trace me. What should I do? What can I do?
The voices faded behind me; soon all I could hear was the slapping of my shoes as they hit the sidewalk. The street was so empty, abandoned like the old park, houses like old shadows. I ran and ran, not stopping till I got to the door of my house. I was so lucky; my parents were gone for a business trip as usual, so I was by myself. Opening a door without using your hands is hard, but I somehow managed it and closed it behind me with my foot. I walked to the bathroom and washed the blood off of my hands. The water was a pinkish color as it flowed down the drain, a wonderful little whirlpool taking it all away. After I was finished cleaning up and bandaging all the cuts on my hands, arm, and legs from falling, I went into my room and sat on my bed. Only then did I realize that I was hearing the strangest sound, barking, or sandpaper… or laughter. What is that? Laughter? Who is laughing? Is that me?

Went to bed and hung her head,
With laughter’s contagious vapor.

Then the shadows spoke again, “He is gone, he won’t bother you again. You won’t get beaten; you won’t have to make up excuses for the teachers and your parents. He won’t come back. EVER.” I was shivering with laughter when I realized what the shadows were saying was right. Jack wasn’t coming back. He wasn’t my worry anymore, I didn’t have to think about the before and after school beatings. No more occasional, “Just because I’m bored,” punches or excuses about how I tripped in gym or ran into the lockers in the hall. I was free, from my pain, from my suffering, from the shackles that were holding me back. I laughed and laughed, the laughter became my lullaby as I feel into a content sleep.

It was 9:00 the next morning when I woke up. I went down after I got dressed to get the morning paper and put it into the stack for my dad as usual but this time I looked at the front page and sat down on the couch. “BOY FOUND DEAD IN ABANDONED CONSTUCTION SITE,” it screamed. Was that Jack that they found? I wonder if they will have a funeral. I should go to it, the whole school will be there; he was a pretty popular person. Just to make sure that he is gone. Then I can celebrate. Did anyone see me there? It was so dark I could barely see myself, doubt that they could.

The funeral was held on Nov. 19 at 1:30; my dad and I had on our best suits and ties, my mother was in all black, her makeup dripping from her eyes. I was right, nearly 200 people were there; every student in the Salburn High had to attend. Smeared eyeliner and watery eyes were everywhere I looked. What do they think he was, a saint? More like Satan. He made my life horrible, he tortured people, he tortured me, but they don’t care, they don’t even know. Why are they crying so much? Why is mom crying? She didn’t even know the kid. She didn’t know that he was trying to kill me when he died. And she never will. But now he is gone, gone forever. A small smirk rippled over my face.

When Jill came in how she did grin
To see Jack and the pastor.
As we left the church I saw police cars. Lights were flashing like strobes, blue, red, blue, red. I didn’t know what was going on, my father wondered out loud what was happened. A police man walked up to us talked to my dad; my mother let out a little gasp then burst into sobs. The man turned and grabbed on to me, handcuffed my hands. I turned and saw my mother crying into the shouldered of my father. Don’t cry I will be all right, I haven’t done anything wrong, mom. I’ll be okay, so stop… stop crying… please. The only sound was the slapping of our shoes as they hit the pavement, walking away.

Commonwealth of Tennesse
Superior Court
Criminal Action
No. 2008-387-0031
Jill Jackson
Verdict Slip
Upon the Indictment charging the defendant, Creg Jill, with murder of the first degree, we the jury, find the defendant:

Not Guilty

Guilty of the first degree of Jack Flusin

Guilty of the seconded degree of Jack Flusin

Court vexed, and punished her next;
For causing Jack's disaster.

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