What Could It Be?

December 1, 2008
By Devan Brown, McDonough, GA

Standing in a string of people, miles long, I await to see the barbarous creature trapped inside iron bars. The rays of the golden sun begin to find me as the string slowly starts to become shorter and shorter. Perspiration covers my face from the heat that surrounds me; my nose becomes filled with reeking odors; my heart beats faster from the anticipation of seeing what lies in front of the many bodies blocking my view.

As I peeked around one tall, lanky body standing directly in front of me I caught a glimpse of the caged creature! It was all a blur when I saw it scurry by. To clarify the hazy image caught I observed to the right a wooden sign with the word “Monkey” painted on it in white. After reading that exhilarating word my eyes grew wide. We were gradually getting closer, three heads were now keeping me from seeing the monkey. Minutes seemed like hours until finally I was standing in front of the cage staring into the eyes of the cutest animal I have ever seen. Once I won the staring contest I inched a little closer to the iron bars. My hand eased its way through the obstacle separating me from the furry animal. As my hand entered the cage the monkey seemed drawn to me. It cautiously came towards me bit by bit with its nose pointed out smelling my un-harmful scent. Finally it made it to me and before I knew it my fingers were combing through its fine hair.

I could tell the people behind me were growing impatient when a little boy tapped me on the shoulder and told me my time was up. After those words escaped his mouth he forced me out of the way and jumped in front of the cage; my parents each grabbed one of my hands, out of despite towards the boy, and told me that it was time to go home. That day at the zoo was one of the best days of my life. I can still remember to this day the feeling of the monkey’s thin fur sifting through my tiny fingers and that small, awful boy that courageously knocked me out of his way to see the what lied in the cage.

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