December 1, 2008
By Alec Gropman, Fairfield, CT

I walked down the hallway. The lights gave a slight dimness to the room. The big layers of dust surrounding the light bulbs , gave the light a grayish tone. I ran my hand over the smooth cold metal of the railing, a feeling I was oh so used to by now. The walls were the same dull white as the ceiling and the floor. There were no paintings, no windows just nothingness. It almost gave me the illusion of not walking at all, the only thing that told me I was actually moving was the cracks in tiles of the floor and the door at the end of the hallway slowly getting bigger. Even though this hallway was dim, cold and had the smell of rotten milk, I knew it would be the best moment I would have all day.

I could see the door gradually getting bigger. I knew this meant my walk was coming to an end. The silence was comforting to me, no issues, no problems everything just seemed to slip away into the silence.
I grabbed the door knob, took a long deep breathe and opened the door. A voice called from across the room. The voice was deep and slow it was comforting, but at the same time almost unnerving.

“Ah come in Ashley, how are you?”

“I’m fine Doctor, how are you?” His name was Phil Syfer, and he has been my doctor since it happened.

“I’m fine. Thank you for asking, what did you do today.”

“Nothing special, went down to the food court, talked with Ms. Warden.”

“Okay do you want to continue from where we left off lat week?”

“That’s fine with me. I just have to say you’re the first person to listen to my story start to finish, thank you. So we will start from the day it happened.

It was June 14th, the day of junior Prom. The day started like any other. The usual staring and name calling from across the hall. In fact Stevey Napalm Quarter Back of the football team actually had the nerve to say

“Hey Jailkeeper’s Daughter, you going to prom? Doubt it what guy would sink so low?” It was third period when I received the note.

11:45 meet us in the girls bathroom, We nee to talk, we have big news.

I looked up at the clock 11:40 just enough time I was excused and ran down to the bathroom. I opened the door and there were four girls waiting for me. They all ran over to me and hugged me. The girls were my four only and best friends. The reason we were meeting in the bathroom is because, these girls are the peek of perfection, pretty, smart, nice, perfect in anyone’s eyes, and I am not. We only talk when no one else is around. When my dad writes to me, he says that they are not really my friends, but I just tell him they are one of the few people who are actually nice to me.

“So there’s a prom party tonight at Stevey Napalm’s and take a guess who got you an invitation.” Courtney said.

“How did you do that.”

“Well we kind of told them you were a fun drunk…”

“But id don’t drink.”

You don’t need to drink a lot, just a sip so you seem like you are drunk.”

That night I walked to Stevey’s house. I remember walking up the stone steps and opening a door to a bunch of half naked football players. Then stench of alcohol and the volume of the music was so loud I almost just went home. Then a finger tapped me on the shoulder it was Stevey, he was holding a champagne bottle. He had a huge evil smerk on his face.

The next thing I remember is the cold feeling of the brick wall of the library pressing up against my back. I felt dizzy as if I was going to throw up. The heels of my feet were bloody and scraped. In my left hand was an empty bottle of champagne. I looked to my right and there was Courtney, Veronica, Cassandra and Vallery. They were all lying up against the wall. I quickly ran over and checked there pulses, they were all dead. They all looked the same, feet bloody, empty champagne bottle the only difference between them and me is they were naked. And that’s howl it really happened Dr.

“Wow, As your psychiatrist , and your friend I finally feel safe saying, I think it’s time to let you go. He pulled a key out of his pocket and extended his hand towards me. I slowly pushed his hand down.

“Dr. I have been in jail for 55 years for a murder I didn’t commit, There’s nothing for me out there, this is my home now. My father died in prison and so will I. I opened the door, walked down the hallway to my cell. I gripped the cold metal bars, a feeling I was oh so used to by now.

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