The Dream That Came True

December 1, 2008
It was that dark night when Jenny decided that it was time for her to leave. Every once in a while her mother would tell her about her father. It had been so long since he had left to start a new life way out of town. Jenny knew that some day she was destined to go out and meet her father and she decided that tonight was going to be that night. Things between her and her mother had not been well for a while. Ever since the split her mother had been struggling. She had been struggling with finding a steady job and not enough money was coming in to the house. Jenny was sixteen and already had a job working at a local diner. She felt like she needed to be doing something for her mother. Jenny felt like half of her was missing. She felt that she needed to go out on her own to find what she had been missing all along. And that’s when her journey began.
“Time to go to bed Jenny, her mom yelled.”
“You need to get some rest for school tomorrow.”
“Ok mom, she screamed back.”
Jenny was tired of school she was tired of her daily routine of getting up, eating, going to school, homework (which she rarely did), dinner, and then bed. She wasn’t doing great in school either, because she didn’t care at all. So much chaos and misunderstanding was happening in her life. She needed to escape. It was about two in the morning and Jenny didn’t get any sleep at all. She was ready to go and all packed. She made sure she had clothes, food, and money for the trip. She had told her mom that she had been putting all of her money from her small diner job into their savings account so it would go towards the bills. She had secretly been saving it for months now and she now had enough for extra food and the gas for the trip to her dad’s house. She knew where he lived because her mom would tell her every once in a while. As she was about to leave the door she knew that she had to leave something for her mom. Just to let her know why she had left and where she was headed. She decided that the best way for her mom to get that message was for her to leave her something on the message machine. Her mom had always checked the messages and she knew that her mom would probably be freaking out too much to be looking for a letter. Beep…
Hey, Mom its Jenny, I’ve decided that it is about time I do something for myself. My whole life I have been told what to do and now I think it’s my turn to choose. I feel like a big part of me is missing. I’m going to go find dad. I know it sounds crazy but in some kind of weird way I feel like if I get away for a while my life might be able to get back on track. When I get back we will start new, and I know it’s going to be better for us mom, I know. Love you, and see you when I get back.
With that she was satisfied and she left in silence. She ran across the street to go and get her mom’s little old car which was on the side of the road. She hopped into the car that her mom had had for years. Her moms work was right around the corner and Jenny figured that she could just walk to work. Her mom had not used the car in a while anyways. She started the car as quietly as she could and set off to Virginia. She felt so proud as she left the house, and she knew that things were going to be better soon, very soon.
It had probably been five hours and her mother was about waking up now. She had only a few hours to go before she was there and she decided she was going to call her mother. She dialed her mom and right away the phone picked up, like she expected
“Jenny, Jenny, is that you.”
“Hey mom it’s me.” “What’s up?”
“Oh nothing I’ve just been freaking out because you weren’t here this morning.”
“Yea I’ve decided that I’m going to go out and catch my breath.”
“Well I have to go to work and I can’t be worried about you.” “Jenny, you need to come home.”
“No!” She replied sternly.
“Jenny…listen to me, I know what’s best”
“Mom, I’ll be fine, I’m only going to dads”
“Well alright, call me right when you pull into dads.” “Oh and Jenny, this will never happen again.”
“Whatever mom, love you, bye.”
That was a load off of her chest knowing that her mom wasn’t doing anything stupid like calling the police. She was about at her dad’s when she started thinking of some of the bad things that could happen when she arrives. Maybe her dad had moved on with someone else or didn’t even want to see her. She knew that deep down in her heart that everything was going to be okay but she couldn’t help but think of bad things. She pulled up to her dad’s house and was overwhelmed with happiness and fear at the same time. She didn’t know what to expect. She texted her mom saying that everything was okay and she was safe at her dad’s, but she didn’t know that for sure yet. She came up to the door, gave it a nice firm knock, and a few seconds later the door opened. There stood her dad. They were both in awe and shock. Her heart sank and she couldn’t believe that after all the waiting and long nights of planning she was at the door.
“Dad” Jenny screamed! “It’s me Jenny.”
There was a moment of silence and then without a word came the biggest and best hug that only a dad could give a daughter, one that Jenny was longing for her whole life. She couldn’t believe how put together he was. He was everything she had imagined and more. She was positive that mom was going to fall back in love with him in a second.
“Jenny, I can’t believe it’s you!” “We have so much to talk about!” “Look how big you got!” Jenny could see the excitement in his eyes.
“I know, I know!” she said excitedly. “But before we talk or do any of that kind of stuff I want to know one thing.”
“Sure sweetie, anything.” ….
“Do you still love mom.” ….
“Honey, I’ve always loved your mother, but we just didn’t work out.”
“Dad, I have an idea.”
“Yea” he said.
“I am going to call mom and tell her that her car broke down and yours is at the repair shop.” “I’m going to tell her that I need a ride, right away.” “She will go to the Frank the neighbors house, borrow their car, and come down here.” “When she arrives you will go up to her and give her a big smooch.”
“Honey, that’s a great idea but your mother and I are no longer together and things just don’t work out like this.” “We weren’t meant to be.”
“Dad, you were meant to be I can feel it in my bones.”
I made the face that gets everyone. The one where you give him those sad eyes and it stabs you right in the heart. He felt it and I felt it too. As soon as I saw his face I knew that our plan was in action. He gave me a smile and replied,
I screamed as loud as I could and gave him the biggest hug in the world. It was about eight at that time and we decided to give her the call. I dialed and of course my worried mom picked up right away. “Mom” I said trying to sound worried.
“Yes honey, what’s the matter.”
“I need a ride back home, I’m done and I want to see you.”
“The car’s broken down and dad’s car is at the shop.” “Can you come now?” “Sweetie, I will be right there.”
“Thanks mommy” said Jenny trying to be nice and cute.
“Bye honey.” She said in an exhausted and rushed sounding voice.
Now it was about arrival time. As the clock hit four thirty we both got ready for the big moment. The car pulled in and seconds later the door bell rang. Dad and I got ready and he opened the door as the eagerness was rising. Before mom could say or do anything he gave went in for the kiss, and she fell for it. I couldn’t believe that this was happening. It was like a huge dream come true. Even better than anything I had ever imagined. After that night my life was changed forever. My mom and I decided that we both needed to start fresh. We both moved in with dad. Mom got remarried and everything was fitting together perfectly. My life meant more to me now than it ever had before. I was doing great in school and made the best friends I ever could have imagined. I was very grateful that I had done what I had that night by escaping and finding the true meaning of my life.

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