Where am I and Why

November 25, 2008
By Anonymous

Chapter 1

Are those footsteps? Yes they are, those are footsteps. Yippee! They’re looking at my profile. What, they’re leaving! Why? What’s wrong with me? Am I different?

“Hey there little fella, your coming home with me,” the strange man said. The man looked like he hadn’t bathed in weeks. His eyes scared me and his clothes were bloody, from what?

What, I have a home, YES! I’ve always wanted one of those. I finally will get loved by someone who cares about me. The strange man took a leash and clipped it on to my collar. I’m going home. I finally get to leave this place that the humans call the puppy mill, whatever that means. He picked me up and put me in back of his truck. His cold, hatred hands made my body shudder. I had a bad feeling about this guy.

When we arrived at his so called home, I became petrified of all the dogs barking non-stop. I wanted to go back, I was scared. Everything looked like it would hurt me. The man set me in a crate, muzzled me, and then shut the door. He brought in another dog and let him go. I ran for my life, but all I could do was run in circles. That dog grabbed a hold of my ear, and I screamed. It hurt so badly. I tried to fight back, but the muzzle was in the way. Help me please, someone! Everything went blank as I fell to the ground.

Chapter 2

The dog was chewing on me. I felt like the dog was eating me alive. I heard a loud bang that hurt my ears even more. Then the biting stopped. I looked over to where the noise came from. I saw a man in a suit hand-cuffing the stranger. What is going on? I am so confused. The man in the suit walked away and then came back. He picked me up and his gentle feeling soothed me. He brought me to his car, wrapped me in a blanket, and put me in the front seat of the car.

We arrived to a friendly looking place. Many people were waiting from me. I was starting to feel loved. That feeling felt so good inside. I became sleepy and then I fell asleep.

I awoke and I saw that I was alone, on a bed, in a cage. Someone familiar was approaching my cage. She took me out of the cage and sat with me. I finally realized that I had surgery to repair my shredded ear, broken leg, and all my open wounds that needed stitches. She finally left me alone again.

A couple of days later I was feeling really weak. Everything hurt, and I couldn’t stand. They had an IV in my front left leg. Apparently, I had fallen violently ill. They weren’t sure if they could save me.


Later that week I had passed away. I was too weak and they knew I wouldn’t live. I had a good life for what I was concerned. Later in the month, the puppy mill was shut down and the guy, who breeds dogs to fight, was brought to justice. He was sentenced one year in jail and five-hundred dollars for each fighting dog he owned. I am glad.

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