Dear Journal

December 14, 2008
Dear Journal,

I’m not much of a diary person, I will at least admit that. I don’t really keep up on the daily routine of spilling my thoughts to an inanimate object that will do nothing but hold the things that I can keep just as securely in my mind. Sorry if I’m speaking too fast, I tend to do that often when I’m under a lot of stress.
My little brother tells me I’m a failure to this world. I think he might be right. At least I’m doing well in all my classes, but this is nothing new. Ms. Jameson told me today in biology that I needed to stop handing in extra credit because there was nothing to do with my tons of access points. I felt that this was a good sign considering I almost had a B last semester in her class. I really don’t like to have a B.
Today in the lunchroom I ate a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup. However, you can’t really say that I ate it because before I got to my seat, Kellan Barry ran into me, sending my soup flying all over my favorite white ruffle skirt that I bought at the VintageCorner last week. It’s impossible to get those stains out….I even bought special stain remover for it. I spent three hours in the laundry room trying to scrub the stain out. Now it just looks like I peed all over my skirt. Great.
Tomorrow is the Field Trip to see the African Chimpanzees that just arrived at the zoo up
North. I’m pretty excited. I went to the library last weekend to research their feeding times and favorite foods so I could bring along a snack for them to eat. The book I found said that they really liked carrots, and tomatoes were also a heavy nutrient in their diet. I supposed I would try both and see how they liked it.
Owen Cantelli yet again decided to play one of his cruel and fowl pranks on me again. This time he stuck gum to my seat. I forgot my glasses on my dresser this morning, so it was easy for me to glance past the tiny green blob in the center of my chair. I now know why everyone was laughing at me. I’m going to have to throw that skirt away. It’s completely destroyed.
I just finished reading my sixth book for this week. It was Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I was quite satisfied by the novel. Maybe I’ll consider reading it again, someday.
My mother just called me for dinner. I’m hoping entirely that it has a lot of vegetables. I’m feeling like I need a little more of those in my life. Well, I’m off to enjoy my meal. Goodbye!

Jayden Gisner

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kcbaro123 said...
Apr. 12, 2011 at 2:42 pm
i loved it! i think it connects with alot of the feelings of todays teenagers
MoandBrowniegirl This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Sept. 26, 2010 at 2:47 pm
This is a really sweet story, very mature. I love the character you created. Very three-dimensional. Keep it up!
kielymarie said...
Aug. 16, 2010 at 12:23 pm
I really liked this, but the ending was a little overkill. The vegetable thing is really unrealistic. Otherwise it was really good!
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