I'm Sorry

December 12, 2008
I was like a car alarm, just waiting for someone to set me off at anytime. I was successful for the most part. I was wealthy; I had many, many cars. I had a very gorgeous wife and I had two amazing kids. A beautiful daughter named Brooke Jordan Belnap and a son named Landon Chance Belnap. I was a loved lawyer and a loved husband. But I also had a secret life. It all went down one evening when a deal went horribly wrong. He tried to screw me out of my money, but I wasn’t going to let him get off with this…bang, bang, bang, he dropped but what I didn’t know was that his backup was behind me. As I picked up my “stuff” I turned around and heard a bang as I saw a man drawing his .40 Smith and Wesson. I was not going down easy and if I was going down I sure was not going to be alone. We exchanged a few shots until we each fell to our knees and all that was heard was some grunting and groaning in pain and agony, and also the sound of shells clinking to the ground. I was still alive when the paramedics found me. They revived me for just long enough to tell my family that I was sorry and that I loved them. Then I was gone with only my memory and my legacy left. I wanted so much to see my kids grow up and see my grandkids but that will have to wait for now. And as for my family I hope they know I am sorry, I am sorry…

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