the night

December 11, 2008
By monique louis, Tunapuna, ZZ

I walk through the streets of this busy city alone with thoughtless cares of how I would return. I pass by the flashing lights of iridescent lights and signs standing proud above me. But if only these signs could indicate not only ads but advice. Advice on the direction I should take so as not to return to that torturous chamber of which I have known as a home.

Walking through the streets, the dry cold air upon my body acts my only friend, for the place I know as home only contain poisonous enemies whose heartless souls crush the person which is you. Walking through the streets, I look up into the sky. The sun has ran away to play leaving her friend the moon alone in the sky, only surrounded by multitudes of fireflies overpowering her as if she had no space to move, no space to breathe.

I felt like the moon. So congested and choked as the wall’s of life kept enclosing on me slowly, stifling bit by bit till the last breath of air departed from me. Now, in the middle of the road, I stop. Looking behind, I see in the distance, the place I know as home, the place where love and affection were replaced by pain and suffering. I know I have no place to go but I shall keep on walking on this night maybe to find somewhere that I could be accepted for who I am. And what I do, a place where I could be loved and not hurt..


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