i fell in a bed of black roses

December 11, 2008
I fell in a bed of black roses and the experience was not nice. Thorns all around me, penetrating my skin, blood seeping through, staining my clothes. But the hallow cries of my pain are not heard. And in this bed of black roses tears accumulate my eyes, trickling down the lifeless body which seemed to be mine. So pale and so numb, my body and mind had become as the bed of black roses kept covering and devouring me slowly and painfully.

My face became blank. No emotion, no feeling just an empty face in an empty space. But when I was suffering in that bed of black roses something caught my eye. Among this bed of black roses, I discovered a single red rose. And what a beautiful red rose it was, so thick and full and pretty too, its smell like mint and colour bright as the blood of my clothes.

So beautiful, so magnificent, so pure. With this rose I place in my hands, I could not help but smile. My woes and pains I endured from the bed of black roses all seemed to disappear. Who would have known out of so many bad things, there is always one good thing that could make it all disappear.

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