the bridge

December 11, 2008
By monique louis, Tunapuna, ZZ


Sadness and loneliness, two words which have always followed me from time to time since the maturation of my adulthood. Life always seem to have its sheer of waste to excrete upon me. And with its foul ways how can I be contented. Then one day I arrived by this bridge. As usual I was always alone, my only companion, my reflection who looked like he had better days than me.

Then, in a distance, I saw another reflection, a slimmer more feminine type. As I looked up I saw on the other side which was a beautiful young woman, just alone like myself. Probably pondering at life’s disappointments focusing her attention to the river. Her face was so badly bruised as scars appeared on her parts of her body, a smile did not exist on that pretty face of hers/.

“Maybe she is lonely like me?” I thought to myself or worst. But the young lady realized she was not alone now focusing her attention towards me. When our eyes met, at first we seemed distant, unfamiliar. But something happened. This young lady seeing me, stretched across her face to reveal the most enchanting and sensuous smile as I returned the favour as well.

And then after all these years, it dawned on me. Though life may give you the worst of trials and treat you like garbage, you must always try to see the bright side of life even if it meant showing one little smile.


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